The Loyalist Pages

Fellow loyal subjects of King George III:

Has this ever happened to you?

Take it from me, it can ruin your day.

I'm Roger Cooper, Royal Proprietor of this webpage.

As you are aware, our most benevolent sovereign has been unceasing in his efforts to bring our misguided brothers in North America back into the warm embrace of the Empire through his offers of amnesty.

In pursuance thereof, I have established this humble outpost of reason and logic in this most troublesome place of sedition and treason.

Rest assured I shall do my utmost to provide information from the viewpoint of the side of truth and light.

To do so, our first book length feature is The Organization of the British Army in the American Revolution, a classic that everyone who hopes to understand the period should read.

And here are a few of my previouly published works:

Plain Truth - Boston's "Massacre" and Tea Party

An Appeal for the True Common Sense

Another Appeal to Common Sense


While this page is expanding, you can enjoy the following links to fellow loyalists, or you may contact me directly at: [email protected]

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