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I am appalled by the behavior of my fellow colonists who advocate rebellion against the Crown. Last month riots occurred at Lexington and Concord and once again order has been restored to our society by the superb efforts of our peacekeeping troops. Her majesty's troops have fervently tried to maintain peace and tranquility in the colonies and a few zealots persist in their efforts to create anarchy and disturb the common peace of the Colonies. The cry of rebellion has fallen on deaf ears of many our fellow colonist including my own, simply for its absurdity. History has shown that in the absence of government anarchy grows like a viscous disease. The goal of removing our sacred British Constitution, proven for hundreds of years to be the most effective document in the world, from the colonies, is so utterly absurd that I question the motives and even more so the intelligence of those who advocate rebellion. Let us hearken to the rhetoric of the fools or scoundrels who preach separation from the stability of British Government and compare what now exists and works.

We have heard of a group of fools, meeting secretly, in what some have called a continental congress. I have not heard of any new or substitute form of government that would be any more superior than the British Constitution. We should listen to the great Sir William Blackstone who in 1765 so succinctly stated, " And herein indeed consists the true excellence of the English government, that all parts of it form a mutual check upon each other. In the legislature, the people are a check upon the nobility, and the nobility a check upon the people; while the king is a check upon both, which preserves the executive power from encroachment. And this very executive power is again checked, and kept within due bounds by the two houses". I have heard rumors that this continental congress is proposing a new document called the articles of confederation.

The fools/charlatans have hinted that the articles of confederation will be a loose confederation of the 13 colonies with no central government or organizational body to unite them together. This is a concept that will breed anarchy for all and will create chaos in the colonies. The current mood of the majority of the Colonist is to maintain peace and order. The machiavellian agitators are clearly preying on the emotions of an uneducated rebellious minority and are leading them into extreme danger of bodily harm and perhaps an untimely death.

The contemplative person will certainly consider this thought, A nation conceived in violence will certainly be doomed to ultimate failure through continued violence, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, man against man. The sins of the fathers will be revisited upon the sons. It is clear to me and my associates that we, as logical citizens of the British Crown, must unite to suppress those who advocate violence and anarchy and expose their viscous plots to disturb the common good of the Colonies and the great Union of the British Empire.


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