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The Plain Truth about the so-called Boston "Massacre" and "Tea Party"

March 5, 1770 is a day when the rebellious citizens of the Boston Colony demonstrated their commitment to mob violence, and their willingness to be led down the path to destruction by a few evil men.

These citizens were inspired by a small group of rebels who are committed to anarchy against the Crown. After extensive testimony given by eyewitnesses we have determined that the events of this night are being misrepresented.

The soldiers fired in self-defense into an angry mob led by a few men trying to inspire a rebellion in the colonies. We have found that there were several events that occurred prior to the actual firing. On this day there were several isolated attacks on innocent British soldiers, provocation's to fight and various insults attacking the character of British Officers. Captain Goldfinch was viciously accused on not paying his debts and Private White defended his Captain's honor. Soldiers, at their duty posts, minding their own business and acting non-confrontational, were verbally assaulted by Bostonian men with epitaphs of "bloody back", "lousy rascal", "dammed rascally scoundrel", and "lobster son of a b---- ". Physical violence was done to the soldiers, unprovoked, by the mob pelting the soldiers with snowballs, icicles, and pieces of wood. These actions were continuously perpetrated on the soldiers throughout the day. John Gillespie has testified that he saw 50 men in roving patrols armed with clubs and sticks with the express purpose of attacking the soldiers. Sergeant Major Davies observed men with clubs shouting, "Now for the bloody-back rascals", "Murder", and "Kill the dogs". This was so startling to him that he changed out of his red uniform for civilian clothes. To add to the clamor of events, someone started ringing the fire bells. When these bells are rung the citizens are trained to come out of their houses to fight a fire. There was no fire but the citizens were lured out in the streets and were then incited to participate in the mob activities. All of these actions led to the tragedy of the day.

As many soldiers as possible were recalled to their barracks by Captain Thomas Preston to help defuse the mob excitement and prevent and potential violence. He then heard that a lone sentry was being assaulted outside the Custom House. Captain Preston marched a detachment of soldiers to the Custom House and ordered the soldiers to load their muskets and fix bayonets. According to Captain Preston, under an officer's code of honesty, there was never an intention to actually fire. A soldier was assaulted and knocked to the ground. It was clear that the soldiers need to protect themselves from the aggressive mob and the shots were fired in self-defense with no actual order to fire. It is clear upon knowing the facts that innocent lives of citizens were lost due to the unscrupulous actions of the mob inciters. These deaths will likely be enshrined in patriot mythology when they were, in reality unsuspecting victims of the mob inciters.

It is clear to us that this whole series of events could have been prevented if the small band of inciters did not lure the unsuspecting civilians to perform the aggressive acts perpetrated. We must remember the appropriate phrase spoken by a respected clergyman of our colonies, "The call me a brainless Tory. But tell me, which is better: to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not one mile away?"

We appeal to all loyal citizens of the colonies to not be miss-lead by a small band of rebellious brutes. Please hear the Plain Truth

Here are some facts that most people do not know as they do not read enough

The Results of the Trial of Captain Preston following the Boston Massacre

This report is sent to all citizens of the colonies who desire to know the TRUTH about the alleged Boston Massacre. In case you have not heard there has been a fair trial, by a jury of their peers, on behalf of the accused perpetrators involved in the Boston Massacre. Our esteemed John Adams has offered a dramatic defense for Captain Preston and his soldiers. Here are the results:

· After a mere three hours of deliberation the jury found Captain Preston NOT GUILTY

· Of the eight soldiers (the sentry plus the seven men Preston brought to the Custom House), six were ACQUI1TED, and two were convicted of manslaughter and punished by being branded on the thumb.

What about the aggressors who facilitated this tragedy? No one has dared to offer prosecution against the leaders of the MOB who viciously attacked the soldiers of the Crown. We all know who they are. Where is their justice for all? I believe that the aggressors should be placed on trial for their personal crimes against the soldiers. Is there not at least one or more of you readers who would support this prosecution? How can we profess to have equal justice under the law without equal prosecution? Without the prosecution of the perpetrators we will align ourselves with the devil.
How can we continue to use this tragedy as a rallying point to rebel against the Crown? For those of you that cherish the PLAIN TRUTH you will obviously see the absurdity of promoting this event as a reason to rebel against the Crown.

I am disturbed about the activities of certain groups that are advocating a rebellion against the Crown and our great King George. We should remember that our Crown has defended us against the aggressions of the French and we won the Seven Years War! We now have our own colonies protected by the Crown. Our commerce and trade routes are protected by our great British Navy and we are able to sell our products throughout the world under the protection of the Royal Navy. What more could we want?

I have just heard the news of a small group of ruffians who have dumped a large amount of tea into the Boston Harbor. The initial report was that this group was a roving band of Indians. I refuse to be influenced by the underground rebellious press that continues to feed us with false reports and slanted view points that support a rebellion against the Crown. I and many loyal Colonists have found the truth to this report. The ruffians were actually a group of men , most of them are associated with the secret societv of Masons. The event demonstrates a useless destruction of property against the East India Company. I am writing to inform you that the tea which was destroyed was sent to the Colonies to be sold at a very competitive price as the East India Tea Company has a surplus of tea. King George has authorized the sale of this tea to benefit the Colonies. This tea would have also helped the financial state of the East India Tea Company of which we certainly hope would stay solvent. We have also found information alluding to the tea smuggling operations of John Hancock and other of the rebellion supporters. Could it be that the tea in Boston Harbor was destroyed to prevent competitive pricing of tea? (are we merely changing tax collectors?) Why do we continue to anger King George by useless acts of
property damage?

I urge you all to consider the price we would pay for rebellion against the Crown. Some of our Colonists call this revolution but you must realize that this is a huge mistake, any actions against the Crown represent a mere rebellion.

I trust that the Editor of this newsletter will be true to political objectivity and allow myself and other loyal colonist to publish the plain truth of these rebellion matters. We have others matters to discuss in future issues that will provide you with the TRUTH. Please submit your questions and jaded criticism to the Editor (those of you who can read and write)

A Plan For Peaceful Colonial Independence

December 1775, the rumors of rebellion still resound throughout the Colonies. The press continues to report one sided viewpoints of the Crown's alleged repressions and supports the potentially catastrophic rebellion in the Colonies whereby brother will be set against brother, family against family, and politicians in strife with one another. Rebel leaders cry for a unification of all the Colonies against the Crown. Is this a new idea? I dare say naught to this. Our supposed leaders, Ben Franklin, former Governors, Robert Dinwiddie, William Shirley, James DeLancy and many others know of a plan of unification supported by Parliament for the purpose of uniting the Colonies.

This plan called the Albany Congress plan of 1754, chiefly the work of Franklin, calls for an executive and a legislature; the former, the President-general to be appointed and supported by the Crown; and the latter, the Grand Council, to be elected by the various assemblies in the eleven colonies. This legislature was to consist of forty-eight members, the colonies being represented roughly according to population and wealth.

To this Grand Council was given jurisdiction over Indian affairs, both political and commercial. It was to raise and pay soldiers, to build forts for the defense of the colonies, and to "Equip vessels for force to guard the coast and protect the trade of the Ocean and Lakes or Great Rivers."

In order to raise the requisite funds for these purposes, the grand council was given power to make laws and to impose general duties and taxes. All acts of the Grand Council, however, required the consent of the president-general and, in addition, all laws were to be submitted to the King in council for approbation. This proposal for a political union of the colonies under one government in America was ultimately to be brought into an effect by an act of the Parliament of Great Britain. How much closer could we be brought to independence without senseless violence? The only thing that was left to do was to secure colonial approval.

Have you heard of this plan? Has this solution to Colonial Independence been promoted throughout the Colonies in writing and verbally to those that do not have the ability to read? I fear that there is a conspiracy to NOT promote this logical solution for Colonial Independence. The following quote by Ben Franklin will convey the hidden contemptuous attitude portrayed by our perceived advocate:
December 29, 1754 in a letter by Franklin to Collison: "All the assemblies in the Colonies have, I suppose, had the Union Plan laid before them, but it is not likely, in my opinion, that any of them will act upon it so as to agree to it, or to propose any Amendments to it. Every body cries, 'a union is absolutely necessary,' but when they come to the Manner and form of the Union, THEIR WEAK NOODLES ARE PERFECTLY DISTRACTED"

Once again we would like to affirm our quest of the PLAIN TRUTH. We openly challenge, to a duel of the pen, B. Franklin, T. Jefferson, J. Otis, J. Hancock, both Adams' and other rebellious spirits who continue to spread false reasons and to take up arms against the crown.

Your Humble Servant,

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