September/December 1778


Halifax 3d Septr 1778

I Beg leave to inclose to you a Memorial wch I had the Honor to present to Sir Wm Howe two Yrs at New York - It contains a short State of plain facts Only - He was pleased to express that it was a Worthy Object of his Notice & he recommended to his Secretary to lay it on his Table & keep him in mind of the Contents when an Opportunity Should offer.

So it has happend that I have heard nothing of it since that time -

You have always been good enough to express and approve yrSelf one of my best friends. I have the greatest confidence in that Goodness Should it be any ways in yr power to do me a good office in future & I am happy to hope you must have influence from the Approbation wch will Naturally follow the faithful & Successful Execution of every point that hath been intrusted to yr Conduct and Care

My Design with troubling you with this Memorial is that it may serve to put you in mind of me Amidst the Multiplicity of other more weighty Concerns After Yr arrival in England & if any thing will Occur to you I beg leave humbly to leave it to yr own Managemt

In the above memorial I begged to be removed to an Old Regimt as the prospect of the Establishment of this one was then so uncertain & distant. If as yet it is not establishd I Wd Still beg to be removed but if it is Establishd I have no Desire to leave it unless it were to be bettered. If Major Small is Lt Colol Commandt of this Regimt after being Established I wd beg to be appointed the Major to it. If he is even but Major Commandant I should be apt to imagine Another Major Wd be Necessary at Same time & may I request your Interest for the purpose. My long Services & those for raising and disciplining this Regimt in particular (of my Labors in wch none knows better than you Sir) wd Seem to intitle me to any promotion of the kind If It were but in the view of Compensation of Losses for wch being reimbursed I have no other Chance

With my best thanks for yr past favors. My humblest hopes in Yr future Goodness & Sincerest Wishes for yr Safe passage & happiness that yr Services to King & Country Entitle you to In wch the Gentlemen of the Regimt heartily Join me I have the Honor to be with the highest regard & Esteem Sir

Yr Much obliged most Obedt
& humble Servt


Halifax 3 Septr 1778

Lieut Bliss the Senr Officer of our Regimt that was in Newfoundland has preferr'd a Complaint Agst Lieut FitzGerald importing Disobedience of Orders Neglect of Duty in the Recruiting Service & ca & Behaviour unbecoming An Officer

Tho' Lt Bliss by every Accot I could Collect & particularly the Warm & gratefull Testimony of the Men under his Command has Conducted himself With the Utmost propriety in the Course of his Services in that Country Yet I thought it but fair to inquire into the Complaint by a Court of Enquiry and if possible to Settle it within ourselfes As No Misfortune of this kind ever happened in the Corps heretofore. The Court proceeded so far and when it Came to Lieut FitzGds turn to Answer for himself he gave in a L're wherein he declined making any Defence Except at a General Court Martial -

The Gentlemen of the Regiment has imbibed such a Notion of the Affair as to decline doing duty with him untill he is Acquitted - In the mean time I have Order'd him to stay in his Room I have the Honor to wait Yr Excellency's further Orders


Halifax 4th Sepr 1778


Nothing that I ever met with Astonishes me half so much as yr Silence Nor can I guess what to Attribute it to. If this Bn should never be established I should imagine that Business or indeed the Friendship I Flattered myself you had for me wd induce you to write me if it was but three words In order to let me know you was in the land of the Living. Your Silence has indeed confounded us all & it is as much as I am able to do to keep the Rest of the Offrs of the Regt in Temper. They are Seized wth despondency and almost Despair & when that is the Case you may readily conceive what follows to wit Indifference Neglect & Indolence. We are however hitherto endeavoring to Support Ourselves as we Ought to do & to the entire Satisfaction of our Worthy friend Genl Massey who did us the Honor Yesterday to review wt was here present of us before he gave up the Command to Genl Frans Maclean & made as Honble Mention of us in Genl Orders as we had a right to Expect. We are most Miserably dispersed besides the Detachments we had when you went away we have Ensn Robertson 3 Serjts 3 Corpls 2 Drumrs & 60 privates at Fort Howe. Ct. McKinnon with his Whole Compy is going to his place at Cape Sables to Secure some part of his Property that was threatened by the Rebells. I wish I may see him & them here safe but I am very much affraid It was out of meer Goodness of heart & Humanity that Genl Massey gave him leave to go to Save wt he could for his Family. I need not trouble you wth the News of America. Genl Massey will give you the Whole of it I most Earnestly recommend to you if you get your Bn established that you will have it intirely Seperate & witht the least interferrence or Connection wth Genl Allan Maclean & by no means suffer the Accots of this Battn to be blended with his & I wd wish to God we never had any Connection at all with him. I shall say no more but that I am Dr Major

Yrs Sincerely


Halifax 7th Septr 1778

I little expected to have an Opportunity of writing you to Newfoundland however I am happy to hear that yourself Mrs Hay & family arrived there safe & in good health were I to relate to you every Circumstance of my proceedings Since I had the honor of seeing you it Wd answer no other End but to take up too much of yr time to read it. After being forced away from my wife & family in Statten Island I was absent from them 16 Mos before I had an Opportunity of seeing or bringing them here where I have them hitherto safe. We hear so seldom from Our Army at Head Qrs that I have no news to give you but what the Public Papers will inform you by the last Accots the French fleet went into Rhode Island under Cover of night & early in the Morning our Batteries opened upon them wch made them Slip their Cables & make off before they Got round to Nantucket Lord Howe met them and just as they were going to engage a terrible Gale of Wind came on wch seperated them without Coming to Action however they kept sight of them & followed them all the way to Boston Harbour three of our 50 Gun Ships had a Sort of Engagement with three of them but no great damage done at either side they are there now and Lord Howe guarding them with a Superior Fleet we expect great News every hour but whether it will be for or against us is the Question we have got a reinforcement & errected a good many Batteries to defend ourselves from any Enemy that will come to Annoy us. As you have got a good No of Troops there under your Command you can certainly afford to send Ensn Hawkins & the Remainder of our Company that was there if this can possibly be done it will oblige me much and I flatter myself you will do it if it be any ways consistent. You cannot imagine how we are distressed by the Regimt's being Scattered in ten Difft places & I beg you wd not form a judgement of the Regimt by the Sample you have seen there. They were certainly the worst we could find in the Bn when they were sent there So that we can say with a great deal of truth they were picked men & I am Sorry you have picked them over again & kept the best of them there. If I should offer you my Service here I dont know wt I can do for you we have nothing but what you have more reason'ble there than we have here however If any thing occurs to yourself wherein I can be of the least Service it will ever give me pleasure of having an Opportunity of obliging you and with my most humble respects to Mrs Hay believe me to be Yr Sincere friend & well wisher

P.S. please to remember me to Capt Jno. McDonald who commands the Hrs. there.


Halifax 7th Sepr 1778
I have, by this Opportunity wrote to Colo Hay Solliciting that you and yr detachment Should be sent to join the Regimt as Soon as possible. I hope in the mean time while you are there that you'll use yr Utmost Endeavors to get Good men Stout able young fellows Sound in their Limbs & joints & in perfect good health not subject to fits or any other disorders be very perfect in keeping your Accots whether wth the men of the Compy or Recruits that you may get & if you Should be relieved in order to come here I beg you wd lose no Opportunity or time in doing it. I find no fault with any part of Yr Conduct since you went there only taking the provisions from the Women & Children when you knew perfectly well that Genl. Howe was bound to find them in provisions as long as these trouble lasted the men havg been seized upon and brot into the Service upon the express Condition of their wives & Children being provided for and they give me now a vast deal of trouble claiming those provisions wch you have stopt from them in New foundland & if they must be paid for them you may depend it will be charged to your Accot. I have no great news to give you. Major Small is not arrived & we live in a State of uncertainty as yet. Wishing you all manner of Happiness I remain Sir

Your hble Servt


Halifax 8th 7ber 1778

I have the Honor this morning to receive yr Excellency's Kind Letter for wch I return you my most sincere & hearty thanks also the inclosed wch I delivered out of my own hand to the Governor and as for the Alarms from the Country above I declare I believe them to be entirely Ideal or the Effects of dastardly cowardice & imagination for I believe the Bostonians has some thing else at this time to think of more serious than the Invasion of this Province and will have for two or three months to come wch wlll put an end to any fears of their Coming here this Winter. However I am ready to march when & Where you please at 24 or 48 hours warning at most Having only to regulate what Baggage Women & Children that goes round in the Ship & the Detatchmt that goes along with them And as the Governor & Major Handfield has informed me that its your pleasure a detachment should remain at Annapolis I think it is best they should be formed here Go on board a Ship & be left there if the Ship is to touch there before she goes to Fort Edward -
I beg to know what is to be done with Lieut Fitz Gerald. I wish his Resignation might be Accepted of as he is indebted to the Regiment £150 Odd pounds. I have the Honor to be with the greatest Esteem Sir

Your Excellency's most Obedient
& humble Servant


Fort Edward 16th October 1778


I begg you would not faile to sende me an Express whenever you Get any interesting news, you will wait on Captn McKinnon and ask him if he chuses to have the coullors Brought to his House if he Does he must of Cours have a centery if the Duty will admitt of it this however as he Shall think proper. I will com Down as Soon as possible my Complments to Peggy & I am Dr Angus

Yours &c.
Alexr Mc Donald
tell Peggy to Gett the Serjts wifes rownd her


Fort Edward 16th Oct 1778

I had the pleasure of receivg yours of the 11th Inst by Ensn John Altho' you don't seem pleased Your Name havg been mentioned in Genl orders upon Accot of destroying the privateer Yet Genl Massey thought a great deal of it and wd insist upon my having it inserted in the public papers wch I defferred till I had heard from you

I wish wth all my heart the Genl had thought Sooner of granting you leave of absence but such fellows as you don't Chuse to accept now in regard to Captn Mc Nicholl he is the Youngest Captn in the Regiment and you are hereby required & ordered by me to continue in the Command of both Comps till further Orders & to send Lt Frasier by the very 1st. Opportunity to relieve Ensn Robertson at Fort Howe You are to give him Written Instructions what he is to do when there & if you can by any means in the World send one or two Taylors to finish the Leggings & Winter Clothing of the party there I think it wd be very Necessary & if you should apply to Captn Barklay & Captn Mowatt for whatever Taylors they may have aboard both Ships I dare say they wont refuse them wch with all the Taylors already at that post will soon finish the work and your Taylors to return to yr Self immediately after

In regard to your Application for a boat I fear you will be disappointed for Genl Maclean seems to sett in his Command with great Oeconomy of public Funds, He havg refused me a Warrant for the back pay of all those who were prisrs wth the Rebells the Reason indeed he gave was that Genl Massey did not leave him the Scrape of a pen of any Kind of Orders or had he as yet recd from the Commander in Chief any Instructions to grant money by Warrant for any Contingencies Whatsoever

I can't finish this Lre witht letting you know the Cruel treatment Poor Angus McDonald has met with. You remember perfectly well how Possitive Major Small's instructions were that my Son and he should have the two first Vacancies, indeed the Major wished that Angus should have the first upon Acct of his Sufferings & long Services Yet Murd. McLean neglected him & put in one Dond McQuarrie Son of Ulva whose name was not so much as mentd in the Instructions for a good reason because he was not known to Major Small in the least. Suppose the Succession of Lt FitzGerald's Commission Should take place as recommended by me to Genl Massey it costs the Qr. Mr an hundred pounds Sterg besides his Back pay for a year & half wch is at least equal to £100 more The Loss of yr & half's Rank Value unknown of all wch Poor Angus is in a most Scandalous manner deprived & Captn Murdoch is gilt of a breach of his Superior Offrs Orders & I am Sorry to say it faith trust & Honor. These things are too much for Poor Angus to pass over in Silence & I really think its trampelling upon us all together & I beg you will upon receipt of this send me a Scrole of wt Representation you think the Qr. Mr. Should make to me of the affair in Order to be laid before Genl Maclean & from him to the Commander in Chief -

Before I left Halifax I think I had done Good turn for Ronald Kappauh. I got him persuaded to sell out of the Army and I got one of the Campbell's to wit Captn McNicholl's Brother in law to give him two thousand pounds Sterling for his Compy. His Resignation is given in & the Other man's Security for the money in Case its Approved of at Head Qrs. & Genl McLean has given his Promise to back it With all his Power So that I wish with all my heart Matters may Succeed -


Fort Edward 21st October 1778

My being at Cornwallis prevented my Answering Your L're respecting the distribution of Barracks in the first place it is impossible for me to give up an Inch of What I occupy at present nor do I think I have an Inch more than I Should have as Commanding Officer of the Corps and scarcely that so far however the Barrack Regulations are agreed to that there is another Captn in the fort besides me & four Subaltns. 2 Captns lays out of the fort & the Surgeon of the Regiment for whom Lodging Money must be allowed. I dare Venture to say that Genl Maclean Wd not wish to distress Mrs Macdonald even if I had not a right to what I have I have no less than 14 or 15 in family Small & Great besides for the Business of the Regiment I must keep One of the little Closets where all my papers Books & despatches are & in order to have that Closet Clear for that business I have Cramed all my Children & Servts in the Same Room with my Sister in Law Mrs Macleod and you know it wd never do for the officrs Servts & mine to be Cooking at one Fire Place. So that in Short I think matters are as well regulated As they possibly can be. I Suppose a few more Soldrs maybe Cramed into the Barracks but I can't see how any more Offrs can Come into the Fort than wt there are.

The Genl desired me when Coming away to Send him a Sketch of wt Numbers might be accommodated Within two or three Miles round the fort. As you happen to be on the Spot & knowing the Number wch can be Accommodated within said Bounds I leave it wholly to yr Self to Satisfy the Genl in that respect. I Expect to be in Town in a few days & intend to settle all my business there for the Winter.

I have been at Cornwallis and I can assure you that Capt. Campbell is very attentive to the Building of barracks there & hopes in less than a month to lodge his men & Officers very Comfortable but there was never such a Scandalous piece of work as that of reporting to the Governor it being fit for the Reception of 60 Men. I'm certain you wd be Sorry to lodge your horse or Cow for fear of their perishing with Cold in the Winter in Such a place. Mrs Deschamps & all the Ladies here are very well & desire to be kindly remembered to you their Longing very much for yr. Arrival here in Order to put them in a method of Getting an Assembly Room. Kind Compts to Doctor Breynton & believe me to be

Yr Friend & St.


Fort Edward 9th Novr 1778

After making every Inquiry possible about the Privateers reported to have been at Spencer's Island I find the Whole groundless and without any foundation. I recd the inclosed L're & Affidavit from Colol Goreham wch I think proper to transmit to you tho' in the meantime I don't think it has any appearance of an Enemy being in the Bay more than the first Report Only a parcell of Villains taking an Advantage of the times to plunder their Neighbors that they might have formerly bore any Spight or Malice towards its Certainly unmilitary to raise any false Report or Alarm Yet a good offr may be brought into a Scrape by hearing Such reports from people who pretends to be friends to Governmt of wch I believe there are but few in the province. I should be extremely Sorry that ever I should act so unbecoming an Offr as to make you a false Report & I will avoid it as much as possible. Yet as I think it my duty to report every thing that may be conducive to the Good of the Service I may from false information be lead to report things that have no existance or being, not knowg for Certain Whether the Informatn may be true or false.

And waiting for a Confirmation may be attended with dangerous Consequences Supposing the first Information Should hold true.

The Young Gentlemen who has the Charge of Delivering you this L're to Wit Ensns Alexr Maclean & Lachn Macquarrie requestd of me as a Singular favor to go to Halifax upon Particular business wth their friend Captn Murd. Maclean. I have presumed upon yr Goodness so far as to Grant them their Request tho' I am very sensible it wd have been my duty to have asked yr. leave previous to their Departure. They have only my leave to stay there during yr. pleasure & to return to their Station whenever you think proper to Order them.

I am here without my Instructions in Writing and every other day called upon for Provisions for Indians by the Order of the Assistant of the Superintendt of Indian Affairs I should be glad if it was agreable to you they should be Suppd. I am told it has been Customary & I will Continue to Supply them till I have the honor of yr further Instructions I have the Honor to be with Sincere regard & Esteem, Sir,


Fort Edward 10th Novr 1778

You will be pleased to get the Genl to Sign the Warrant for the Abstract of pay due our Regimt to the 24th Decemr You will please to deliver it to the Bearer hereof Quarter Master Angus Macdonald who will take up from Mr. Smith the Temporary Warrant wch the Genl Signed for Eight hundred pounds in part of that Abstract, and wch is proper Should be Cancelled I have the Honor to be Sir

Your most obedt, h'ble Servt


Deliver the inclosed to Mr Finucane Out of yr own hand who will deliver you the abstract for the pay to the 24 decemr wth the Warrant Annexed for the Whole Amount wch You will bring to Mr Smith and receive the Balance between that and Eight hundred pounds wch I recd by a Temporary Warrant from Genl Maclean when last in Town wch Temporary Warrant you Shall receive from Mr Smith and Deliver it to Mr Finucane taking care however to blot out my Name which is on the back of it As you will put yr own Name on the back of the Original Warrant when you receive the Balance You may Shew this Letter to Mr Smith and tell him that he and I will endeavor to Settle all matters when next I go to town. My Complimts to Peggy and all friends & I am Dr Angus, Yrs.


Fort Edward Novr 18th 1778

Inclosed I send you the Accots sent me by the Deputy Adjut General agst Sergt MacNaughtin James Carr and Bernard Jackson also an Accot of Cash Advanced by myself in Halifax all wch together with the Ratns. Surgeon, & paymr of the Whole You will be Enabled to Stop as you have drawn for them from 21st July 1776. This with the Rations Surgeon and paymr of yr
Own Recruits to the 24th Octr last I intend to Charge to your Accot & ca -

It was certainly intended to have Credited yr last with £42 .. 10 and nothing but the difft Overhawlings of Accts prevented it & occasioned the Mistake it is however as broad as long as you have more than Equivalent to that in yr hands On Accot of the above

I Intend writing to Major Batt this day the Happy Accot of Mrs Batt's Safe Arrival. Pray what's the Reason you don't let us hear yr News whether they are Good or Bad. Good indeed I have dispaired of long ago. I suppose the Genl is not Willing to part with your Comy at Halifax or else some orders hath arrived here e'er now to provide Quarters for you. You need expect no news from this Corner only We are all very well and hearty Mrs. Deschamps almost dispairing of ever seeing her husband again & indeed all the Ladies wishing earnestly to see him frightened out of their Wits that their dancing Assembly will be Oversett without he comes soon. Mrs Macdonald joins me wth Complimts to you all. She is very Anxious about Mrs. Maclean & wishes to hear how She does. I am Dr Murdoch yrs


Fort Edwd Novr 18th 1778

I Recd yours of the 11th Inst only yesterday. It was found on the Road half way between this and Halifax by a Traveller. I wish the Contents of it may hold true tho' we are informed that Count De Estaunge has made his Escape from Boston how true you know best. Let me know by first Opportunity if you heard a word of Major Small's Death it certainly must be so as I don't think we will ever See or hear from him we are all (thank God) in good health here My Complimts to Peggy & am Dr Angus yrs


Fort Edwd Novr 18th 1778

The want of Opportunity prevents my writing to you So often as I could wish. I only write this in a Hurry to let you know that you must Draw upon me for wt money you may want for yrSelf & Party. As Mr. Fletcher from Halifax is going to Annapolis I am told to Collect Debts due him there he will no doubt be very Glad to take yr draft upon me for wtever Money he can Spare this I think will be safest & Easiest way of remitting you money & your own Abstract & the rest of the Gentlemen will be Sent you to morrow wch will enable you to know how much you may venture to draw

By the Patridge Island Boat I am Informed that a Sloop wch was to go round with the Minerva loaded for the Genl & other Offrs use at Halifax a part of every kind of produce from Cornwallis & Horton has been by Contrary winds blown back to that place in Consequence of this Report I have Directed Captn Campbell to put a Corporal and Six men on board of her and Mr. Deschamps the Owner, to Order her without Delay to Annapolis In order to proceed under Captn Mowatt's Convoy wth the Minerva to Halifax. Should this Overtake Captn Mowat there It's hoped he will wait till the Sloop will Arrive. If not She must remain there under your Care untill orders from Major Handfield will come for her to proceed or Act as he Shall direct; the Express is in So great a Hurry that I cannot Say more but that we are all very well as we wish to hear you & your Gentlemen to be & that I am with real Sincerity My Dr Jno Yrs


Fort Edwd 18 Novr 1778


This is the 1st Opportunity I had of Acknowledging the Rect of yr favor Of 30th Octr. Your Dispatches for Halifax were Sent of witht Loss of Time Agreable to your desire

I wonder you wd attempt to make any Apologies as you might easily know that any little thing in my power to Serve you wd always be rather a pleasure than a pain to me we have no Accots that may be depended upon either good or bad from either Fleet or Army So my friend the best news I can give you & I dare say the most Agreable that you can wish to hear is the Safe Arrival of Mrs Batt at Halifax. Your Anxious Wishes to meet with her will I hope give us an Opportunity of Seeing you at Fort Edward where you will be heartily welcome to a piece of Beef & Cabbage & ca. I am Dr Batt Yours


Fort Edward 18th Novr 1778

The Hurry of Moving to this place and Getting myself and family properly Settled as well indeed as the want of an Opportunity prevented my Answering Lt Sutherland's L'res Concerning the bills from Quebec. As well as Acknowledging the Rect of your draft on Mr Smith for the Paymt of those bills wch I now Acknowledge and to receive the Amot from Mr Smith wch was paid to Capt Mac donell in full of all demands wtsoever on that Accot. The bills were packed up among my papers when leaving Halifax & how soon I can get time to look for them will be transmitted you with Captn McDonnell's Rect on the back thereof

All the Dispatches of yrs that Came to my Hands were Carefully forwarded to Halifax. We have no News Only that the Reinforcemt wch were expected at Halifax are Arrived

I have the Honor to be Sir Yrs


Fort Edward 19th Novr 1778

Since I had the Honor of Writing you last I recd a Complaint from one of the Country people that the Six deserters of Colo Goreham's Regimt wch ran away from Lieut Conners's Detachment on Board the Buckram Schooner were doing a deal of damage thro' the Country killing Cattle of all Sorts to support themselves in the woods and giving out when they met wth any of the Country people that they themselves were after Deserters. I detached a Serjt Corporal and six Men with a Guide to the place they had been last Seen they found their Encampment with plenty of meat both Beef and Mutton But it Seems the Cold obliged them to go to a poor man's barn not farr of & Seeing Our party Coming towards them they rushed into the Woods the men pursued them and fired after them when they wd not Stop but it being about Dark they were not able to look for them One of them next day Surrendered himself to a justice of the peace and is now prisoner in our Guard house at Fort Edward Where he will remain till I receive Yr directions whether to Send him to Halifax or to His Regimt at fort Cumberland. The rest finding themselves Closely pursued by the party I sent out and Another from Captn Campbell's post Stole a Boat in the Night time and Crossed the bay over to Cobequid where they are Sure to meet with friends

Two day's ago I directed the Assistant Engineer in public orders to finish some necessary work before the winter wd set in very Severe Such as Spouts to Catch the rain all round the banks for the Use of the Offrs & men As no water can be got within a great Distance from the fort to Wash the men's Clothes Also the porches at the Offrs doors to be repaired without wch it's impossible to live in them. I also Exclaimed bitterly Agt the Slowness with wch the Artificers carried on work especially as some Artillery is hourly expected in the last Ship that went round with the provisions Platforms to be laid and Embrasures to be Cut out for these Guns in their proper places. I also directed that a Report Should be made to me by the Assistant Engineer or His Overseer every morning of what the Artificers were doing & what work they done the preceeding day. Mr. Cottnam the Assistant Engineer has taken this order highly amiss and am Apprehensive is to Write to Capt. Spry about it. But I look upon it to be my duty to See every thing done for the Defence of the Garrison & the Preservation of the Offrs & men's Health and every man in the King's Employ in or about the place to be under my Command Of course have a Right to see them do their duty for wch they are so well paid - No doubt it's their Interest to take a Week to what may be done in one day and I only beg to know Your Approbatn or Disapprobation to the Order I have given out & Whether or not I am to give myself any Concern about these matters at all or Whether or not if ever we have the Honor of Seeing you here you will ask me Or the Assistant Engineer why any thing you may find deficient, was so.

I have the Honor to be wth Great Esteem Sir Yrs.


Fort Edward NOVr 23d. 1778


Some days ago I had the Honor of receiving yrs of the 9th. Inst and nothing prevented my answering it Sooner but waitg to see if I could get a place where you may lodge convenient to the fort Nor have I yet being Successfull unless Sandy McDonald King's borough's Son & you could make a Shift to lodge in one Small Room untill a better Accommodation might be provided. Should this be agreable to both it's my intention you Should come up along with him as he is going round in a Ship from here and then I shall Endeavor to make every thing as agreable to you as possible I can

The pain you feel for applying to me for a little Money cannot be half so great As the pleasure I feel of having in my power to relieve Your Necessities & distresses for want of that Article; Especially as I think myself safe in Advancing you what little money you may want for yr draft on Capt Frasier paymr 1st Bn and you may immediately on Receipt hereof Apply to Qr.Mr. Angus Macdonald for wt little money you may want in the Mean time Granting your Rect for the Same till you & I Settle he will have my directions Along with this to answer yr Demands. In the mean time believe me to be Sir Yr Very hble Servant.


Fort Edward 23rd Novr 1778

I am Sorry to Acquaint you that I have a L're from the Chaplain of the 1st Bn now at Halifax and I believe in some distress for want of money & it grieves me to find myself under a necessity of appointing him to Act in your place at least till he has an Opportunity next Spring of Going to Canada in order in some measure to help him thro' the Winter & ease his difficulties he is A young man of very good character tho' a presbyterian and unknown to me tho' from the very same part of the Country I came from. His name is Jno. Bethune. I hope you will excuse this Step wch necessity only obliges me to take and believe me to be Dr Sir

yr Sincere friend & Humble Servt


Fort Edward 28th Novr 1778

I have the Honor of receiving your Copy of the 27th. August & Postscript of the 9th Sept I am Extremely Sorry for yr Indisposition and hope to hear a better Accot of your State of Health. I am Surprised how Capt Macintosh could make the least Obstacle about paying Mr. Ogilvie's bill & As for the Money I advanced last year for a Corpl & five men of their Regimt I took Care to get myself paid by an Order from Genl Massey at whose desire I had advanced the Money the Moment I heard he made the least Difficulty about it. The Corporal Could inform Captn McIntosh of the proportions each man recd. As he had the laying out of the Money and I wrote Captn Macintosh an exact Accot of it by wch. he may see wt. each man had in Cash and as for the Necessaries they bought out of Merchants Stores Wch I paid for the Corporal must know the proportions As they Subdivided them Such as Plaids Linens & c they being bought in a lump in order to get them the Cheaper. I wd. write to Captn. Mac Intosh but did not know where to direct nor do I think there is a very great Necessity for it after what I already wrote. You will be pleased to pay Captn Wm Macleod of the Royal Artillery £125 ,, 13s ,, 2 1/2 d Your Cury being the Balance of m/a and his Rect will be your Acquittance for the Same. I will settle your Accot in my books and give you Credit for that Sum.

Captn Maclean is very much affronted indeed because I did not give him an unlimited Credit to draw what he pleased but a little knowledge put me so far upon my guard as to Circumscribe his Credit so far as I have done Nor do I in the least repent it he has contrived to get more Money Since he went there in his hands than he is willing to Accot for and I am determined to leave him to Accot for it to those he has recd it from and Never it to interferre with the Subsistance of the Regimt

I have likewise recd yrs of the 14th Sepr and I am relly astonished at Captn Maclean's Desiring you to pay 200 Drs. to Mr. Loring a man with whom I had not the least Connection on Earth except buying a pipe of Madeira from him when Genl Howe was in Halifax for wch I paid him the ready money and hav his rect You are Certainly in the Right not to pay money without an Order. I have Settled with Captn Macdonald and paid all the money he recd from Gordon & Crowder. I have ordered our Qr.Mr. to furnish you with a Kentill of the very best Fish that can be procured in Halifax as I am myself now moved about fifty miles from it to Command at Fort Edwd with the Remainder of the Regiment after Sendg detachmts to twenty different places all over the Province.

No word yet from Major Small we have indeed often heard that the Regimt wd certainly be established but as yet no Certainty of it. I wd be glad to know if Genl Robertson recd my Letter or if he took any notice of it. I now send you inclosed a power of Attorney particularly about my place on Staten Island and desiring that you wd dispose of it to the best Advantage that is to let it to him that gives the highest rent for it if matters goes right I am determined to Charge Government with every Farthing I have lost upon that Place not only wt Houses, fences, Wood & ca but wt I wd have made by that place Since the Commencemt of these troubles had I been upon the Spot myself But a great deal is to be settled before that will come to pass. I shall always be glad to hear from you whenever your State of Health permits. Mrs McDonald & Mrs. Macleod (who is now with me here) joins me in kind respects to you Mrs McAdam & all friends I, am Dr Sir Yrs


Fort Edward 28th Novr 1778 GENTLEMEN.

By a Settlement of the Contingent Accot of this Regimt wch it Seems was settled by a Committee of Gentlemen Appointed by the Commander in Chief for that purpose a Balance is falling due this Battalion of £.299: 7s. 2d. Wch. I see was paid to Captn Murdoch Mac lean as also a farther Sum of £300 wch he Applyed for by a Memorial to Genl Clinton for the Subsistance of his Recruits and the back pay of those returned from being prisoners with the Rebels of all wch money Captn Maclean is to render you an Accot as I never drew money for these people preceeding the 24th Octr last

I was a good deal astonished to see an order from you to Mr Smith desiring to stop this money out of the forthcoming and growing Subsistance of this Bn wch You know or at least ought to know Cannot possibly be done agreable to the Acts of Parliament & Articles of War wch lays a severe penalty on Paymasters Agents or Clerks detaining Offrs Non-Commissd officers and Soldiers pay after a certain period therein limitted. I don't doubt but Captn Maclean (as I have said before) will render a just Accot of the Money and after he has Shewn me his Accot Matters will be Settled I hope, entirely agreable to your desire or at least on as equitable a footing as you can wish or desire

Captn Maclean droped me a hint that you Should have say'd that I ought to be tryed by a Court martial for what I do not know nor Could he tell me but I should be extremely glad to know from under your hands for what reason you think I am liable to a Court martial in the mean time I do assure you I am under no Concern, fear or Apprehension, about the Consequence for I have always as Commandg officer & paymr of this Regimt taken every Precaution to Act Consistent to Equity, honor, & justice the Method I follow is to Oblige every Captn or Commandg officer of the difft Companies under my Command to furnish me with an Effective Roll of their respective Comps signed by them from Wch Rolls I oblige the Adjut of the Regimt to furnish me with an exact State Signed by him Every Muster from wch State I make my Muster by Abstracts or pay bills and pay the Comps accordingly so that I put it intirely out of my own power to impose upon Government one Single man. Indeed, Gentlemen, were you as well acquainted with me as you are unknown to me you wd know that I wd not for all the money I have handled Act a part that wd raise a blush in my face or put myself in the power of any man living. I am now two and thirty years in the Service and ought to know a little of the Behaviour of an Offr & a Gentleman and those that knows me knows well that I always loved my Character above money.

I Should be very Glade to know how this Bn Comes to be Stopped for Agency and Poundage when there is no Such Stoppage from Genl Maclean's Bn in Canada I know perfectly well that the Officers in Established Regiments allows a Shilling in the Pound to their Agents But as for the 2d. its' a new Imposition I never heard of before and as we are kept upon the footing of Provincials No Stoppage of any kind should be made out of Our pay however the people in power has too much to do to be Applyed to at present for redress of these things if matters are Settled wch I hope in God they will to our wish and Satisfaction these and other affairs probably will come under Consideration. So far have I been upon my Guard not to overdraw that Government Stands now indebted to this Bn from Nine to ten thousand pounds agreable to the Establishment and notwithstanding it was Brigadr Genl Allan Maclean's possitive orders to me to draw every Muster fifteen or Sixteen hundred pounds wch wd exactly have the above diffce Still I declined it thro' mere delicacy As well for the Sake of my own Character as the Interest of the Regiment. In Short Major Small Commandant of the Regt has been for a year now in London and will inform himself of every thing that is requisite for him to know Concerning these matters he Was always of the Same delicate Sentiments with me in regard to drawing money & its my duty always to Conform to his orders wch I have hitherto done. I may be mistaken or misinformd Gentlemen wch if I am Should be glad to be informed by you how far I'm to draw in Money Matters or wt I have a right to draw

I know wt belongs to established regimts perfectly and I look upon this Regimt as Establishd. Notwithstanding you do not I wd not have Served one hour in it if I had not the Strongest Assurance of its' being established & it is for that Reason I make out my Contingent Accot as other established Regimts does well knowing that wt money I draw in that way is not out of the Pockets of Governmt as it's Charged to the Non Effective fund of the Regimt of Course out of the Pockets of the Captn of the Regiment. I will not intrude upon yr. Patience any further but Conclude & remain

Gentlemen Your very hble Servt


Fort Edward 29th Novr 1778


I Recd your L're by Captn Murd McLean and your very long Accot for w'ch I think I have your rect. and Discharge all to a mere trifle however to Convince You how willing I am to remain upon the Same friendly footing we ever were I shall pay the Balance (you made out) to Captn Maclean Agreable to your Order tho' I can very ill Spare it wtever you may think or hear if indeed, Captn Murdoch Maclean was in MY place I dare say he wd have a thousand for every hundred I made, but you know my dear friend that my Character was ever dearer to me than Money & I ever Shall be. Let me hear from you & if you can Send me Some Apples or Cyder (wch. we can't get here) and a large Pipe full of Indian Corn You'll oblige me much & I shall pay for them I am Dr. Donald with Compts to all friends

Yr. Very hble Servt

P. S. Your old friend Mrs Macdonald is for the Second time since She came to Nova Scotia in a fair way desires her kind Love to you as does Mrs. McLeod who is now with me here.


Fort Edwd 29th Novr 1778

I Recd. yr. L're and the money you desired me to pay Captn Farrington I will certainly pay but you must draw on me by bill in a regular manner for £100 or 100 Guis. wch you please in the Mean time you will receive from Mr Wm. MacAdam £125: 13s: 2 1/2d York Cury being a Balance due to me of him on Settling Accots. this will help you until the Other bill will arrive for wch any man will be safe to advance you money and I dare say Mr Maca dam if requisite will not refuse to indorse it wch bill I will take up from Captn Farrington when I pay him the Money & he will remit in the Manner You & he has heretofore Concerted. I have sent a power of Attorney to Mr Mac Adam regarding in particular my farm upon Staten Island desiring he wd let it to the highest bidder either for the Service of Government or any body else that will offer - I should think that a Clever fellow who understands Business and Farming Cod. afford to give £200. a year for that place as times are but Mr. Macadam, will make the most of it and wtever it will produce I have ordered it to be paid to you. As for Mr Macdonald of Princetown if I could get a L're to him I wd make him entirely easy and give you no more trouble, I am sorry you should Entertain unworthy Sentiments of my Conduct to you. I am sure I am very sensible of your former friendship and nothing on earth can give me greater pleasure than to have it in my power to do you every Satisfaction you can wish and desire and I hope in God I will Else the Affairs of America will go altogether wrong indeed. You seem to write to me as if there was no trouble in the World at all and you know very well if matters does not go right I am ruined its' otherwise with you, you have been all along quiet, and if the Americans are left to themselves You & Your heirs will be allowed from the Power I have given you to sit quietly upon Staten Island unmolested all yr Days tho' I wd rather see you in my Neighborhood & Sit quietly upon that place wch I hope in God will Still be the Case. My kind love to Mrs McLeod & the Children in wch Mrs McDond & Mrs Macleod her Sister joins me I am Dr Wm Yrs


Fort Edward 3d Decr 1778


In a L're dated 26th Novr. recd from Captn Jno. Macdonald Stationed at Annapolis among other matters relative to Regimental Business - He writes me that I will hear from him in a few days with Papers of Proof agst justice Patten who it Seems, harbored a Spy from New England & Assisted that Spy to inveighgle & induce our men to desert. Captn Jno tells me he has taken him in handsomely by Sendg out Sham deserters in Colored Clothes. I will think it hard if such a Villain as this will go unpunished how Can we be answerable for our men when such perjured Villians, Contrary to the Oaths of Fidelity and Allegiance they make when made Magistrates, Can be guilty of such base Actions ?

I am Sorry to trouble you with Complaints from our men at Fort Howe they Seem to think it very hard to be made use of as Sailors and Marines and they seem to Charge their Offrs with a breach of faith or promise wch indeed was made to them at the time of their inlistiing that they were only to Serve as private or Non commissd Offrs as they Should happen to be in this Bn As for sending Escorts for Provisions for the Good of the Service that they never did or never will refuse Nor even think the least Hardship in it when they see they are ordered in their proper turn with other Regiments: If Major Studholm thought it was any Advantage to send people out a Cruising or Privateering he might have sent people of his own Regiment As our men did not by any means want to go. In short I wd beg it as a Singular favor that as soon as it can possibly be done that you wd please to order the Detatchment at Fort Howe to be relievd & all our Regiment if possible to be brout to one place As we have absolutely been worse used than any one Regiment in America and has done more duty and Drudgery of all kinds than any other Bn in America these three Years past and it is but reasonable just and Equitable that we should now be Suffered to join together at least as early as possible in the Spring. and let some Other Regimt relieve the difft posts we at present Occupy - To represent all Grievances to you, Sir, in the most Humble Manner is my duty and I am sure I was never Commanded by any officer from whom I wd expect more honor and Justice than yourself and therefore Submit every thing to your Superior Judgemt and if you think me wrong in any of my representations I sincerely ask yr Forgiveness for I believe Sir to say ought to displease you must proceed from an Error in Judgemt and no Design

I think it proper to inform you there are five hundred & Eleven Rations of Provisions issued out to Indians from the 6th to the 28th Novr both days inclusive & I dont find myself inclined to issue out any more witht Your possitive orders and directions. There are other people also that I wd be glad to have yr orders about giving them Provisions to wit a Subn. two Volunrs & some others belonging to Sir. Jno Johnson's Corps. In short between Indians Difft parties going backwards & forwards wth other Interlopers the extra number of Ratns besides wt was allowed for the Garrison will Scarcely hold out. In regard to relievg posts or moving troops at this time of the year I know its impossible to be done now but if you will think well of it Sir, & that it wd not be contrary to the good of the Service I shou'd be very glad that Our Bn Should be Convened here, where they might encamp in the Summer time while Another block of Barracks might be built to Quarter them in the Winter. In regard to myself I most sincerely & truly declare that the only Attachmt I have to this place is the terror and dread I have of moving my family in Spite of all my Oconomy & Care and after disposing of the most valuable part of my little furniture it has cost me from fifty to Sixty Guineas my Coming here & Shou'd it have cost me as much again in a short time I Shou'd be inevitably ruined without you wd allow me to Charge it in the Contingent Accot for I find not the diffc. between living here and in Halifax half so much as I expected. Of the two this is the most expensive but as I am now here I wd wish to continue & remain while the Regt is in this province & I flatter myself If what I ask can be done with propriety You will have no Objections -

Just as I was going to finish this Letter I recd a packet from Captn Jno McDond Containing the affidavits & proofs agst. justice Patten and wch I take the Liberty of forwarding to you for your perusal together with Captn Macdonald's judicious remarks upon the whole I dare not presume to give you any directions of wt ought to be done in this affair but I most humbly think the whole papers shou'd be laid before the Chief justice and his Advice & Opinion taken. I Shou'd be very glad Mr justice a peace Shoud be left to my mercy I wd Assure you I wd make a Short process of it. I am with the Sincerest regard & Esteem Sir


Fort Edward Dec 3. 1778


I Recd yours of the 12th Sepr. your draft on me for £290 Shall be paid to Mr Smith agreable to your desire and the inclosed Abstract will Shew you the BaIce. that remains in my hands to the 24th decr for wch you shall have Credit in yr next Abstract, as for the Emoluments you mention I dont know of any I ever recd for you but wt you have credit for. Baggage and forrage money, Lodging, fuel, Candles & ca. no absent Captn is ever allowed for and as for the three Contingent men its always paid With the Subsistce of the Comy to the Offr Commandg it that being a Common practice all over the Army - the pay of yr Son & Servant has always been paid to Major Small to the 24 of ffeby last - & if he does not Arrive before the 24th of next ffebruary I will make up their Accots & remit you the Balance after Stoppg for their Provisions Surgeon & paymr the Money you gave Wilkinson & Mac Crea I will direct Captn Maclean to Stop it as he is to settle with them having recd money in New York for that purpose. You have Certainly recd Money to Clear with all those who were taken prisoners along with you to a particular period & Angus Cameron & Lachn Macdonald were two of those with whom you must also Settle Which you cannot be ignorant of. The Major left no Accot with me relative to these Matters but I Suppose when he joins he will bring you to a Settlement about it -

Notwithstanding Your Apology to the Major both he & all the Gentlemen of the Regimt are well assured that you had it in your power to send a great many men to it. On the Contrary you have on a particular Occasion when you had it in your power to send 20 men along with Lt Sutherland damned the Regimt & Sayd. you did not care wt came of it & wd not give yourself any trouble about it. This Could not miss giving offence to the Regt You may depend upon it whenever you join it - some disagreable Questions to be asked w'ch will give me a great deal of Uneasiness As we have (thank God) hitherto lived upon the most amiable Footing With one Another. I am much obliged to you for your kind Offers of Service to me at present. I cannot think of any thing to trouble You, My Complimts to, Mrs. Campbell & am Sir
Your most Obedt & humble Servant


Fort Edward 5 Decemr 1778


In answer to yours of the 22d Novr you'll please know that I allways paied Major Small the full pay of the men of his Company that were absent how Mr Wilkison's accpt will Sattled, I Do not know I am affraide he will be in Debt all I can do is to Give him Credit for all his pay & Charge the Major with what I have paied and yet that may be Dangerous, as I do not know whate money he has received from the Major, or from Mr McAdam by the Majors orders, as for Volunteer Cameron I Supose you Will at lest be even with him -

Mr Smith may Do what he pleases But he Shall not Stop the money you Received at New York out of the Subsistance of the Regt, as you had it on purpose to Clear with the prisoners returned from the Rebels & your own recruits after you have Sattld. their accpts and any Ballance remain in Your hands they will have a Right to Demmand it. I Sende you a Coppy of your own list Sign'd by me as you Desired - We Spent a very sober decent St. Andrew here Chusing rather to entertain the Ladies with a dance than sitting long after Dinner and getting ourselves drunk. After all our Oconomy it will rather come heavy upon our Young Gentlemen there being so few of us the Ladies desire to be remembered to you in the Kindest Manner & wd be happy to see you at our Room (where we meet once a fortnight) to see you dance Guillicallum over two broad Swords lain across. You need not expect any News from here. Pray give my Compts to Major Batt and tell him I Shoud be glad to know wt is to become of Jno Brien that we have prisoner in our guard House. He is very desirous of Serving in our Corps but I have given him no manner of Encouragement So much as let on that I heard him. As I have reported him to Genl Maclean its proper he Shou'd be asked what's his pleasure Concerning him. I am Dr Sir

Your most humb Servt


Fort Edward 5th Decemr 1778

I Recd your favor and am glad young Day is put on the Strength of the Regiment again. As the Genl insists upon a Copy of the last Abstract before he will Sign that Warrant w'ch Copy is to be Signed by you I beg you will Sign it without the least Hesitation as You have done formerly As I can give you my word of Honor that there is no error in it Consistent with my Knowledge & as it is impossible for you or any Muster master in the World to muster our Regimt in the dispersed Situation they are in. Agreable to the orders Sent by Crowder & Gordon I fall upon the most Effectual Method of doing justice that is in my power wch is to oblige every Captn or Offr Command'g a Company at the beginning of every muster to give in an Effective Roll upon honor of the Men's Names & Sirnames that their Company at that time Consists, signed by them with all the Casualties Since the precedg Musr. from wch Rolls & agreable thereto I order'd the Adjut to make out an exact State as a farther Voucher for me & from w'ch I make my Musterly Abstracts & pay the difft Companys thereby. This I look upon every bit equal to your mustering them tho' for several good reasons I wd rather we were mustered by you every muster or every month if they wanted it As it wd put an end to all future inquiries & our Regt must have been Closed together of Course Mrs McDond joins me in Complimts to you & I am Sir

Your most Obedt & humble Servt


Fort Edwd 5 Dec 1778

You will deliver the inclosed Letter to Mr Turner out of your own hand at the same time the inclosed Abstract for him to sign & after he has signed it you will wait upon Mr Andw Finucan Secretary and get the Original abstract with the Warrant Annexed to it w'ch Warrant must be Signed by the General & w'ch you will keep till I come down in order to Settle the Balance with Mr Smith about the 24th of Decemr or soon after.

I expected to have seen You with Mr Charles & Some others long before now this being all with Compts to Peggy

I remain Dr Angus Yrs &c

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