The California Society of the
Order of the Founders and Patriots of America


Avalon Project of Pre-18th Century Documents
(Colonial Charters, Treaties, etc.)

Bacons Rebellion
(perhaps the first precursor of the American Revolution)

Book of Common Prayer - 1662 Edition

Books and Manuscripts of the 17th Century For Sale

Chronology of the Colonial History of North America

Civilizations Under Siege
(The European Conquest of the Americas)

Colonial Gazette

(Interactive Journal of Early American Life)

Cotton Mathers "Life of John Winthrop"

Cotton Mather "Wonders of the Invisible World"

Currency and Banking in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay

Jamestown Archaeology

Virtual Jamestown

King Philip's War

Maps of the New World 1507-1669

Massachusetts Bay Colony 1640 - 1700
(selected readings from UC Berkeley)

Mayflower Society

Matchlock Musket Drill

Newfoundland 1662 - 1762

The Pequot War

Plimouth Plantation

Plymouth Colony Archive Project

The Pocahontas Myth

Tattershall Arms
(your source for 17th century arms and armament)

A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of V I R G I N I A

Wampum - It's Significance to 17th Century Indians in New England

Witchcraft in Salem
(a guide to e-texts of primary documents)
(your internet gateway to the American War of Independence)

17th Century Architecture


National Society

North Carolina


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