The California Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America




 Wayne Rogers
Governor of the California Society

Jon Rhoades, Deputy Governor

Jim Faulkinbury, Registrar






Dr. Robert Lincoln









J. Michael Phelps






Jay Wood, Historian











  • Ed "Saint" St.Germain
    Councillor General




Not pictured but Greatly Valued:


James Hawley, State's Attorney

James Wallace, Genealogist

Rev. Lloyd Fellows, Jr., Chaplain


Councillors Jan 2005-Jan 2008
Lieutenant General John M. Wright, Jr.
Colonel Richard Hawley
CWO4 Ronald R Lotz
Councillors for Jan. 2006-Jan. 2009
Major General John W. Barnes
Frank Price
Jerry Ray. Sayre
Councillors for Jan. 2007-Jan. 2010
David Warren Eaton
Jonathan Rex Rhoades
Michael Andrew Schooling

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