18th Century miscellaneous songs

My mind to me a kingdom is

To hug yourself in perfect ease

What man, in his wits, had not rather be poor

No glory I covet, no riches I want

The glories of our birth and state

Nor on beds of fading flowers

Come, come, my good shepherds, our flocks we must shear

Goddess of ease leave Lethes brink

From the court to the cottage convey me away

O say what is that thing call'd light

Welcome, welcome brother debtor

How pleasant a sailors life passes

How happy a state does the miller possess

The honest heart whose thoughts are clear

The solitary bird of night

Two gossips they merryly meet

If I live to grow old, as I find I go down

Gently stir and blow the fire

You gentlemen of England

When Orpheus went down to the regions below

In good king Charleses golden days

Blow, blow thou winter wind

The wretch condemn'd with life to part

The world, my dear Myra, is full of deceit

With an old song, made by an old ancient pate

When daffodils begin to peer

Who has e'er been at Paris must needs know the Prior

From Oberon, in Fairy-land

Come, follow, follow me

Forth from my dark and dismal cell

Under the green-wood tree

Thursday in the morn, the ides of May

The muse and the hero together are fir'd

As near Porto Bello lying

To fair Fideles grassy tomb

Hark! hark! jolly sportsmen, a while to my tale

Songs of shepherds, in rustical roundelays

Thou soft flowing Avon, by thy silver stream

When icicles hang on the wall

When daysies pied, and violets blue

When Troy town, for ten years wars

God prosper long our noble king

My days have been so wond'rous free

Cold and raw the north did blow

Of a worthy London prentice

On the brow of a hill a young shepherdess dwelt

The bird that hears her nestlings cry

The silver moons enamour'd beam

Waft me some soft and cooling breeze

All my pass'd life is mine no more

When the trees are all bare, not a leaf to be seen

Vain is ev'ry fond endeavor

The festive board was met, the social band

Good morrow, Gossip Joan

The Spring is coming

*The Vicar of Bray
(see also: In good King Charles golden days)

*There was a jolly Miller

*When the King enjoys his own again

*Row well, ye mariners

*In summer time when flow'rs do spring

*The merry Milkmaids