THE Paraphymosis is a Disease of the Penis, where the Prepuce is fallen back from the Glans, and cannot be brought forwards to cover it: There are many, whose Penis is naturally thus formed, but without any Inconvenience; so that since the time of the Romans (some of whom thought it indecent to have the Glans bare) it has not been usual, as I can find, to perform any Operation upon that Account; but we read the several Processes of it described very particularly by Celsus, who does not speak of it as an uncommon thing. Most of the Instances of this Distemper, are owing to a Venereal Cause; but there are some, where the Prepuce is naturally very tight, which take their rise from a sudden Retraction of it, and immediate Inlargement of the Glans preventing its Return. Sometimes it happens that the Surgeon succeeds in the Reduction immediately, by compressing the Extremity of the Penis, at the time be is endeavouring to advance the Prepuce; if he does not, let him keep it suspended, and attempt again, after having fomented, and used some emollient Applications: But if, from the Contraction below the Corona Glandis, there is so great a Stricture as to threaten a Gangrene, or even, if the Penis is much inlarged by Water in the Membrana Reticularis, forming Tumours, called Crystallines, three or four small Incisions must be made with the point of a Lancet, into the Stricture and Crystallines, according to the Direction of the Penis; which in the first Case will set free the Obstruction, and in the other evacuate the Water: The manner of dressing afterwards must be with Fomentations, Digestives, and the Theriaca Londinensis over the Pledgits.

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