Of the STONE in the URETHRA.

IF a small Stone be lodged in the Urethra near the Glans, it may often be pushed out with the Fingers, or picked away with some Instrument; but if it stops in any other part of the Channel, it may be cut upon without any Inconvenience: the best way of doing it, is to pull the Prepuce over the Glans, as far as you can, and then making an Incision the Length of the Stone, through the Teguments, it may be turned out with a little Hook or the Point of a Probe: The Wound of the Skin slipping back afterwards, to its proper Situation, and from the Orifice of the Urethra, prevents the issue of the Urine thro' that Orifice, and very often heals in Twenty-four Hours. This is a much less painful Method of extracting Stones from the Urethra, than by any Instruments that have hitherto been devised.

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