There have been a few Instances where so great a Quantity of the Omentum has fallen into the Scrotum, that by drawing the Stomach and Bowels downwards, it has excited Vomitings, Inflammation, and the same Train of Symptoms as happen in a Bubonocele, in which Case the Operation of opening the Scrotum is necessary: the Incision must be made in the manner of that for the Rupture of the Intestine, and the same Rules observed with regard to the Omentum, that are laid down in the last Chapter. It is necessary also, the Rings of the Muscles should be dilated, or otherwise, though you have taken away some of the mortified Part of the Omentum, the rest that is out of its Place, and strangled in the Perforation, will gangrene also. The Wound is to be treated in the same manner, as that after the Operation of the Bubonocele. What I have here described as an Inducement to the Operation, should, by the Experience I have had, be the only one. There are a great many People, who are so uneasy with Ruptures, though they are not painful, that a little Encouragement from Surgeons of Character will make them submit to any Means of Cure; but as I have seen two or three Patients, who were in every respect hale and strong, die a few Days after the Operation, the Event, though very surprising, should be a Lesson, never to recommend this Method of treating an Epiplocele, unless it is attended with Inflammation, &c.

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