THIS Species of Rupture is the same in both Sexes, and formed by the falling of the Omentum or Intestine, or both of them, into the Inside of the Thigh, thro' the Arch made by the Os Pubis, and Ligamentum Fallopii, where the Iliac Vessels and Tendons of the Psoas and Iliacus internus Muscles pass from the Abdomen. It is very necessary Surgeons should be aware of the Frequency of this Disorder, which creates the same Symptoms as other Ruptures, and must first of all be treated by the same Methods: the manner of operating in the Reduction, is here too so exactly the same, with the Difference of dilating the Ligament instead of the Rings of the Muscles, that it would be a mere Repetition of the Operation for the Bubonocele to give any Description of it; only it may be observed, that the spermatic Cord as it enters into the Abdomen, lies nearly transverse to the Incision, and close in Contact with the Ligament, so that, unless you make the Dilatation obliquely outwards, instead of perpendicularly upwards, you will probably divide those Vessels.

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