THE Hernia Ventralis which sometimes appears between the Recti Muscles is very large; but that Tumour which requires the Operation, is seldom bigger than a Walnut, and is a Disease not so common as to have been observed by many, but there are Cases enough known, to put a Surgeon upon Enquiry after it, when the Patient is suddenly taken with all the Symptoms of a Rupture, without any Appearance of one in the Navel, Scrotum, or Thigh: I have before defined this Hernia to be a Strangulation of the Gut, in some of the Interstices of the Muscles of the Abdomen: the manner of dilating it will be the same as that above directed in the other Hernias: after the Operation in this, and all Hernias where the Intestines have been reduced, it will be convenient to wear a Truss, since the Cicatrix is not always firm enough in any of them, to prevent a Relapse.



A. The round-edged Knife, of a convenient Size for almost all Operations where a Knife is used: the Make of it will be better understood by the Figure than any other Description; only it may be remarked, that the Handle is made of a light Wood, as indeed the Handles of all Instruments should be, that the Resistance to the Blades may be better felt by the Surgeon.

B. A Pair of Probe-scissars, which require nothing very particular in their Form, but that the lower Blade should be made as small as possible, so that it is strong, and has a good Edge; because being chiefly used in Fistulas in Ano, the Introduction of a thick Blade into the Sinus, which is generally narrow, would be very painful to the Patient.

C. The crooked Knife with the Point blunted, used in the Operation of the Bubonocele.

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