About AmericanRevolution.ORG

This website was begun in 1996 during the early years of the Internet.

Created, researched, curated, and maintained by Edward St. Germain (1945 - 2009), it contains scores of scholarly writings, plus many links to museums, historical groups, experts, and collectors.

Edward St. Germain dearly loved history. He was an avid reader, a collector of books and information, with a deep interest in the American Revolution — sparked at an early age when his grandmother told him about his family history. His first ancestor in the New World came aboard the Mayflower in 1620; another ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War.

The information on his site is highly researched. St. Germain spent a lifetime investigating the history of the American Revolution and was interested in finding out the truth about everything. Consequently he investigated things in-depth and, whenever possible, sought out the oldest descriptions of events — those written as close to the time an event actually occurred — to glean what were likely to be the most accurate details. St. Germain was frequently called-upon to give talks on history at various gatherings; he re-enacted battles and events of the 18th century; and he was happy to share the information he had collected.

Edward St. Germain and his legacy are both honored here — by keeping his work alive online and building on it.