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When we first started this site many years ago with six pages, like the Internet itself, the heart of the domain was our link pages. While our links are still second to none, with over two thousand, five hundred of them spread over what is now more than seven hundred pages, the fastest growing part of the domain is original content.

Our Scholar's Showcase features works by some of the world's foremost historians, on topics such as Black soldiers of the Revolution, Native American Indians in the Revolution, and much more hard-to-find information.

So if you're doing grade school homework or research for a PhD thesis, our domain should be your first stop for information about the American Revolution.

But before you take advantage of our links to all those great sites elsewhere, tarry yet awhile to take the measure of the areas which make this domain unique. Just a few examples of what's here:

Did you ever see the flag carried by the Minutemen at Concord? It, and many others, are at our Flags Over America exhibition.

Ever wonder about the role of the Hessians? Or the French? Or what role the Navy played? Books on these subjects are in our Scholars’ Showcase, along with letters home from a soldier at Valley Forge, Mad Anthony Wayne’s official action report on the battle of Stony Point, and much, much more.

Well, you get the idea. There's an awful lot right here, without surfing on, but if you don't find it here, we've probably got a link to it.