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American was founded in 1996 by Edward St. Germain, an avid historian with a fascination for the Revolutionary period.

Since then, Edward and other contributors, including esteemed professors and historians, have created an incredibly valuable collection of resources about the American evolution, which we are dedicated to preserving, adding to, and displaying on this website.

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Richard S. Walling

Revolutionary War scholar, teacher and author, consultant on the American Revolution for the History Channel

John R. Brumgardt, Ph.D

Former director of the Charleston Museum, esteemed author and early American historian

Dr Robert A. Selig, Ph.D, M.A.

Historical consultant and author of numerous books on the Revolutionary War, with an interest in German-American history

Dr. Edwin S. Gaustad

Esteemed religious historian and published author with a focus on early American history

Jeannette Holland Austin

Historian, researcher and genealogist, specializing in early American genealogy and ancestory

Hugh T. Harrington

Independent historian and researcher, with a focus on military history during the Revolution and Civil War