"They came three thousand miles and died, To keep the past upon its throne; Unheard, beyond the ocean tide, Their English mother made her moan." - Inscription on the grave of the red-coats who fell at Concord bridge



Associate Professor of History, Wellesley College


E. A. C.


The author wishes to express gratitude to the authorities of the Yale University Library and the British Museum for giving him access to a mass of printed material relative to the subject of this volume, which in its original form was presented as a doctoral dissertation at Yale University. More especially thanks are due to the best friend of American historical scholars in England, Mr. Hubert Hall, who facilitated the author's examination of the rich collection of manuscript papers relative to the British army in the Public Record Office, London. These constituted, indeed, his chief source of information. No words seem adequate to express the author's sense of obligation to Professor Wilbur C. Abbott, of Harvard University, whose keen interest in the subject has been an inspiration, and to Professor Charles M. Andrews, of Yale University, whose criticisms and suggestions, based upon an unrivaled knowledge of American colonial history, have been of assistance at every stage of the work.

Lochmere, N. H.
September 6, 1925.


I. The British Army at the Outbreak of the Revolution: A General Survey

II. The Administrative Machinery of the Army

III. The Recruiting of the Army

IV. The Provisioning of the Army

V. The Problem of Transportation



Illustrative Appendices to CHAPTER I

Household Infantry, 1775

Infantry Regiments of the Line on the English Establishment, 1775

Infantry Regiments of the Line on the Irish Establishment, 1775

Cavalry Regiments on the English Establishment, 1775

Cavalry Regiments on the Irish Establishment, 1775

Staff of Engineers in Canada, 1776-1778

Staff of Engineers at New York, 1774

General View of the Facings, &c. of the Several Marching Regiments of Foot

Daily Pay of each Rank in his Majesty's Land Forces on the British Establishment

Of the Pay of the Artillery

Prices of Commissions, 1776

Illustrative Appendices to CHAPTER II.

Commission of the Secretary at War

Royal Sign Manual Order to the Ordnance Board for the Issue of Arms

Illustrative Appendices to CHAPTER III.

Period of Enlisted Service

Enlistment of Criminals

Form of Beating Order

Copy of a Letter from the Secretary at War to the Honourable William Gordon, dated 19th December, 1777

Copy of a Letter from the Secretary at War to the Mayor of Liverpool, dated 8th January, 1778

Illustrative Appendices to CHAPTER IV.

Account of Provisions received by Daniel Chamier, Commissary General in North America, between 6 Feb. 1775 and 9 Jan. 1778

Account of Provisions received by Commissary General Daniel Weir at New York between 7 Oct. 1774 and 5 Sept. 1781

Abstract of Provisions shipped for New York and Philadelphia in 1776, 1777, 1778, including the Remainder of the Provisions contracted for in 1778 but not yet sailed from Cork

Example of a Provision Contract

Howe's Remarks on Horse Provisions Necessary for the Campaign of 1776

The Duties of a Commissary General

Commission of Commissary General Daniel Wier

Illustrative Appendices to CHAPTER V.

Number of Ships and Tonnage in Service of the Ordnance Dept., 1 Jan. 1776 - 31 Dec. 1783

Account of Transports contracted for by Ordnance Dept. between September 1775 and September 1777

Expence of Ocean Transport Service

Commission of Waggon Master General

Account of the Number of Vessels, with the Amount of the Hire, employed in the Department of the Quarter Master General in North America, for every quarter from the 25th of December 1776 to the 31st of March 1780

Account of the Number of Waggons, Horses, and Drivers with the Amount of Hire, employed in the Department of the Quarter Master General in North America, for Every Quarter, from the 25th December 1776 to the 31st of March 1780

Proportion of Bat-Horses per Officer in Burgoyne's Expedition

Proportion of Waggons and other Necessaries, for such British Regiments as are destined to act on the Coast of the Atlantick the ensuing Campaign. Jany. 6, 1776

Return of Drivers, Horses, and Waggons, delivered by the Quarter Master General to the Army under General Howe between 1 April and 30 June 1777

A State of the Number of Drivers, Horses and Waggons employed in the Quarter Master General's Department in 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781


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