Re-Enactor Links

An American Colonial Experience

1st Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers

1st Foot Guards

1st New Hampshire Regiment

1st Ulster County Militia

1st Virginia Regiment

2nd Company, Governors Foot Guard (Connecticut)

2nd Continental Artillery - Savage's Detachment

2nd Regiment, Light Dragoons (Tallmadge's Group)

Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment

2nd New Hampshire Regiment

2nd New Jersey Regiment

2nd North Carolina Regiment

2nd South Carolina Regiment

2nd Virginia Regiment

3rd Foot Guards

3rd New Jersey

3rd Pennsylvania Light Infantry

4th Company, Guards Brigade

4th Regiment of Light Dragoons

6th North Carolina

6th Pennsylvania Regiment

7th Virginia Regiment

King's 8th Regiment
(Detroit Garrison)

VIII Regiment of Foot
(Fort Michilimackinac Garrison)

10th Regiment of Foot

His Majesty's 17th Regiment of Foot

17th Light Dragoons

24th Connecticut Militia Regiment

24th Regiment of Foot

33rd Regiment of Foot, Lord Cornwallis' Company

His Majesty's 40th Regiment of Foot

42nd Highland Regiment (Black Watch)

55th Regiment of Foot

62nd Regiment of Foot

64th Regiment of Foot

76th MacDonald Highlanders

84th Regiment of Foot

Ackerman & Company
(Antique & Reproduction Firearms)

American Long Rifles
advice for building muzzle loaders

Antique Guns

Joe Rubinfine - 17th &18th century autographs, muster lists, documents, etc.

Avalon Forge
"All Manner of Replicas for Living History"

Black Hart
(custom Long Guns)

Blackpowder Journal

Blacksmithing at Anvilfire
(with real-time video seminars on AnvilCam!)


Boy Scout Venturing Crew 1776

Brant's Volonteers

Brigade of the American Revolution

Bristol Train of Artillery

British Brigade

Brunswick Light Infantry

Buckskins and Blackpowder

Butlers Rangers

"Campaign 1776" Computer Game


Caywood Gunmakers

Character Reenactor Sites


Colonial Detroit

Colonial Reproductions

Colonial Times
A living history park in South Carolina

Continental Consulting

Continental Currency

Continental Line

Crown Forces Webring

Culpepper Minutemen

Dance Instruction Manuals 1490- 1920

Danvers Alarm List Company

Delaware Regiment of Foot
( a group of "home boys" just across the county line)

Double Edge Forge

Eastern Woodland Indians

Feldjaeger Corps

Eric Kettenburg, custom gunsmith

5 Rivers Chapmanry
(Cooperage and garments)

Fleur de Lyse
(18th C French - and Canadien clothing)

Flintlocks Ltd.
(Jim Chambers Custom Guns)

Flying Cloud Trading Co. - Oregon

Frey's Company of Butler's Rangers

Frontier America Trading Company
(18th & 19th century cookware, recipes and Western US Rendezvous List)


Gaskins' Virginia Battalion 1781

G. Gedney Godwin
The Sutler of Mount Misery
(you'll think you've found an 18th century Wal-Mart here!)

Department of the Geographer to the Army

Georgia Refugees
Captain John Cunningham's Company, Colonel John Dooly's Regiment of Wilkes County, Georgia Militia, 1776-1783)

Ghost Forge
(Creators of historical clothing for men and women of the 18th century.

Glovers Marbleheaders

Grande Armee Militaria
(from Spanish Mortars circa 1600 to GI Joe dolls)

Green Mountain Rangers

Goose Bay Workshop
A maker of copper tin and brass reproduction cookware and writing goods for almost 15 years

Great Quinnehtukqut Company of Artificers and Traders

Hair and Wigs of the 18th Century

Hardware Reproductions

Hats - Clearwater Co.

Hesse-Kassel Jaeger Corps

Hessische Militär- und Zivilgeschichte (GMZH)
Hessian Military and Civilian History

Hochfuerstlich Hessisches Feldjaegercorps (GHMZ)

Hochfuerstlich Hessisches Fuesilier-Regiment von Ditfurth (GHMZ)

Historical Trekking

Isle of Wight County Militia

Jarnagin & Co. Sutlers

Jewelry - Historic Delights
Specializing in 18th century-style jewelry

G.L. Jones Fine Custom Rifles

King's Own Patriots

Lamb's Artillery

Lauzun's Legion

Living Historian’s Guild - New Jersey Volunteers

Living History Farm - Urbandale, Iowa

Living History Portraits

Living History in the United Kingdom

Locke's Militia / Kingsbury's Artillery

Log Cabin Shop

Loyalist Arms

Loyalist Uniforms

Luisiana Regiment


Maryland Gazette
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Maryland Loyalists

Middlesex Fifes and Drums

The Military Warehouse
(Check the flag graphics!!!)

(Arrow Moccasin Company)

Morgan's Rifle Company

Mountain States Mfg.
(shooting supplies)


Musket Miniatures
(No, they're NOT toys, they're miniature soldiers!)

Muskets of the Crown

Muzzle Blasts Online
(magazine of the Nat'l Muzzle Loading Rifle Assn)

Nec Pluribus Impar
revue électronique consacrée à l'Histoire, aux Guerres et aux Armées des 17ème et 18ème siècles
web magazine about the History, Wars and Armies of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Najecki Reproductions

National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

Navy - HMS Somerset

Northwest Traders

October Country

Old Sturbridge Village

Outwater's Company of Militia

Painted Stone Settlers
Re-creating the Kentucky of 1781

Pedersoli Guns

Pennsylvania Long Rifles

Pennsylvania State Navy

The Pine Tree Shilling

Powder Horns

Pulaski's Independent Legion

Queens Loyal Rangers

Queen's Rangers

Recipe Book - 1705

Revolutionary War Re-Enactors

RevWar '75
Continental Army Orderly Books
Crown Forces Orderly Books
Articles from Military Collector and Historian

RevWar Progressive
a cornucopia of reenactor information


The Rifle Shoppe

Rileys Farm, Oak Glen, California
(one of our absolutely favorite places - worth a trip to California by itself)

Rogers Rangers

hand laid hemp cordage

Royal Irish Artillery

Royal North Carolina Regiment


The Schooner Sultana

Selins Independent Rifle Company

Smoke & Fire Sutlers
check their newspaper page for events

Soap Making

Spirit of '76

Spirit of '

Sudbury Minutemen

Sword of the Revolution

Tennessee Valley Mfg.
(rifles and pistols)


(Carl and Marcia Giordano)

Toad Hall Rifle Shop

Tomahawk Throwing Manual

Jas. Townsend & Co. Sutlers

Tuckahoe Trading Company

Ultimate Scout

Virginia Public Store

Virginia State Navy

von Ditfurth Regiment

von Riedesel Regiment

Walden Font
(historic fonts and clip art)

War Games - American Revolution

Warner's Regiment

Lewis Wetzel: Warfare Tactics on the Frontier


Ye Rev Liste
(a Bulletin board for historians, genealogists, etc.)