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      Looking to experience the American Revolution first-hand?

      Below, we’ve listed the best Revolutionary War reenactment groups in the United States.

      We’ve also included some organizations dedicated to preserve 18th-century American history more broadly, as well as places you can find costumes, guns, and other Revolutionary War items for use in reenacting.

      Reenactment groups

      Revolutionary War reenactment.

      An American Colonial Experience

      1st Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers

      1st Delaware Regiment

      1st Foot Guards

      1st New Hampshire Regiment

      1st Ulster County Militia

      1st Virginia Regiment

      2nd Company, Governors Foot Guard (Connecticut)

      2nd Regiment, Light Dragoons (Tallmadge’s Group)

      Col. Bailey’s 2nd Massachusetts Regiment

      2nd New Hampshire Regiment

      2nd New Jersey Regiment

      2nd North Carolina Regiment

      2nd South Carolina Regiment

      2nd Virginia Regiment

      3rd New Jersey

      3rd Pennsylvania Light Infantry

      4th Company, Guards Brigade

      6th North Carolina

      6th Pennsylvania Regiment

      7th Virginia Regiment

      10th Regiment of Foot

      His Majesty’s 17th Regiment of Foot

      17th Light Dragoons

      24th Connecticut Militia Regiment

      24th Regiment of Foot

      26th North Carolina Regiment

      33rd Regiment of Foot, Lord Cornwallis’ Company

      His Majesty’s 40th Regiment of Foot

      42nd Highland Regiment (Black Watch)

      55th Regiment of Foot

      62nd Regiment of Foot

      64th Regiment of Foot

      76th MacDonald Highlanders

      84th Regiment of Foot

      Brigade of the American Revolution

      Bristol Train of Artillery

      British Brigade

      Butlers Rangers

      Continental Line

      Crown Forces

      Culpepper Minutemen

      Danvers Alarm List Company

      Frey’s Company of Butler’s Rangers

      Department of the Geographer to the Army

      Glover’s Marbleheaders

      King’s Own Patriots

      Kingsbury’s Artillery

      Lamb’s Artillery

      Lauzun’s Legion

      Middlesex Fifes and Drums

      Morgan’s Riflemen

      Muskets of the Crown

      Old Sturbridge Village

      Outwater’s Company of Militia

      Painted Stone Settlers
      (Re-creating the Kentucky of 1781)

      Rogers’ Rangers

      Sudbury Minutemen

      War Games – American Revolution

      Warner’s Regiment

      Is your regiment not listed here? Get in contact with us.

      Clothing and everyday life

      Clearwater Hats

      Clothing of the 18th Century

      Goose Bay Workshop
      (A maker of copper tin and brass reproduction cookware and writing goods for almost 15 years)

      Jarnagin & Co. Sutlers

      Jewelry – Historic Delights
      (Specializing in 18th century-style jewelry)

      (Arrow Moccasin Company)

      Najecki Reproductions

      Northwest Traders

      Powder Horns and More

      Rileys Farm, Oak Glen, California
      (one of our absolutely favorite places – worth a trip to California by itself)

      Sign of the Unicorn
      (historical fabrics and sewing patterns)

      Smoke & Fire Sutlers



      Jas. Townsend & Co. Sutlers

      Venturing Crew 1776


      Replica weapons

      Flintlock pistols and muskets.

      Ackermann Arms
      (Antique and reproduction firearms)

      American Long Rifles
      (advice for building muzzle loaders)

      Antique Guns

      Avalon Forge
      “All Manner of Replicas for Living History”

      Black Hart
      (custom Long Guns)

      Blackpowder Journal

      Buckskins and Blackpowder

      Caywood Gunmakers

      Eric Kettenburg, custom gunsmith

      Flintlocks Ltd.
      (Jim Chambers Custom Guns)

      Log Cabin Shop

      Loyalist Arms

      Muzzleloader Magazine

      Muzzle Blasts Online
      (magazine of the Nat’l Muzzle Loading Rifle Assn)

      National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

      October Country

      Pedersoli Guns

      Tennessee Valley Mfg.
      (rifles and pistols)

      The Rifle Shoppe

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