Scholars’ Showcase


Arnold's Expedition to Quebec
by John Codman, 2nd

Calendar and Record of the Revolutionary War in the South: 1780- 1781
By William Thomas Sherman

The Organization of the British Army in the American Revolution
by Edward E. Curtis, Ph.D.

The Dancing Assemblies of Philadelphia in the Eighteenth Century
written by Edward St.Germain

Extracts from my Campaign Journals
by John Paul Jones

France in the Revolution
by James Breck Perkins

The Hessians
by Edward J. Lowell

The Last Men of the Revolution
by Rev. E. B. Hillard.

The Compleat Letter Writer

Loyalist Letter-book
written/compiled by Edward St.Germain

Military Journal of the American Revolutionary War
by James Thacher, M.D.

The Domestic Medicine
by William Buchan, M.D.

A Naval History of the American Revolution
by Gardner Allen

The Private Soldier Under Washington
by Charles Knowles Bolton

Relic of the Revolution
by Charles Herbert
(a POW's Diary)

Songs of the 18th Century
intro by Edward St.Germain

Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution
by Frank Moore

Treatise on Surgery
by Samuel Sharpe

Women of the Revolution
by Elizabeth F. Ellet



African-born Patriot's Pension File
Transcribed by John U. Rees

American Athenas
Women in the Revolution

by Tina Ann Nguyen

researched and written by Edward A. St.Germain

1st Rhode Island Regiment

4th Connecticut Regiment
written by Edward A. St.Germain

Black Soldiers of the Revolution
by Dr. Robert A. Selig

California During the Revolution
by Dr. Leon Campbell

Civilian Mistreatment

Conspiracy and the Making of the Constitution
By Dr. Curtis E. Grassman

Death in the Bronx
The Stockbridge Indian Massacre August, 1778

by Richard S. Walling

Degrasse and Yorktown
by Dr. Robert A. Selig

Deux-Ponts Germans
Unsung Heroes of the American Revolution

by Dr. Robert A. Selig

Major Patrick Ferguson
(The "Sharp-Shooter" Who Almost Won the War for the British )
by Donald Norman Moran

Georg Daniel Flohr's Journal:
A New Perspective

by Dr. Robert A. Selig

Hispanics in the Revolution
by Dr. Mildred Murry and Chuck Lampman

Lee's Legion Remembered
By William Thomas Sherman

"Mad" Anthony Wayne
His body did not rest in peace

by Hugh Harrington and Lisa A. Ennis

Nimham's Indian Company of 1778
by Richard S. Walling

Indians and the American Revolution
By Dr. Wilcomb E. Washburn

Jack Jouett of Virginia - The "Other Ride"
by Donald Norman Moran

Lauzun's Legion
by Dr. Robert A. Selig

Letters Home From a Valley Forge Soldier

Mutiny of the Pennsylvania Line

Major John Pitcairn
(a forgotten Scots Hero)
by Marianne McLeod Gilchrist, M.A. Hons., PhD.

Poetry by Major John Andre

Those Glorious "Principles of 1776"
The Confederate Perspective Upon the New Nation, State Rights, and Civil War
by Dr. John R. Brumgardt

Revere's Ride - His Own Story

Riflemen and the Ammunition Crisis at the Siege of Boston
by Hugh T. Harrington

The Saratoga Rifleman
(the story of Tim Murphy)
by Donald Norman Moran

Sins of the Fathers:
Religion and the Revolution

by Dr. Edwin S. Gaustad

Soldier of the King
by Donald Norman Moran

Spanish Covert Aid

Stony Point Action Report - Wayne to Washington

Washington - A Dental Victim
by Barbara Glover

Washingtons First Thanksgiving Proclamation

Washingtons Life Guard - Joint Operations
by Donald Norman Moran

Washington and the Last Crisis
by Donald Norman Moran

Washington Describes Trenton

The World Turned Upside Down
by Dennis Montgomery