The following list gives some information concerning all of the journals describing Arnold's march through the wilderness or the siege of Quebec, the existence of which was known to the author of this volume. A part have attained actual publication, others have been printed for private distribution, while a few are to be found only in the worn and tattered manuscript of the men who wrote them a hundred and twenty-five years ago. They constitute a fairly large and invariably interesting body of historical material, which preserves unimpaired the quaint individuality of their widely diverse authors, and the unmistakable color and atmosphere of a period which must always be of particular importance to, the student of American history. The reader will find much to entertain him in any of these journals to which he may be able to gain access.


ARNOLD'S JOURNAL. This Journal was left by Arnold at West Point, when he fled on hearing of the capture of André, and was found among his papers by Judge Pierpont Edwards, of Connecticut, who was appointed to administer upon the goods and estate of Arnold, his treason making him dead in law. "The manuscript was in existence in 1835, though in a rather dilapidated state." It was last noted by Mr. Justin Winsor as owned by Mr. S. L. M. Barlow, of New York. A copy made of it when owned by Judge Edwards is in the "Sparks Manuscripts" (LII, Vol. II). Extracts were published in the appendix to the life of Burr, by Samuel L. Knapp, 1835. Its first pages, heretofore, missing, are found in Force's Archives, Vol. III, page 1058. They are written by " Eleazer Oswald, Secretary pro tem."

HENRY'S JOURNAL, entitled "An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of the Band of Heroes who Traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign Against Quebec in 1775." By John Joseph Henry, Esq., late President of the Second Judicial District of Pennsylvania. Lancaster: Printed by William Greer, 1812. Pp. 225. Small 12mo.

The same. - Libraxy edition. "Campaign Against Quebec, being an Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who Traversed the Wilderness by the Route of the Kennebec and Chaudi6re Rivers to Quebec, in the year 1775." By John Joseph Henry, Esq., late President of the Second Judicial District of Pennsylvania. Revised edition, with corrections and alterations. Watertown, N. Y.: Printed and published by Knowlton & Rice, 1844. Pp. 212. 16mo. (Sketch of the life of Arnold, copied mainly from Spark's Biography, at the end of the second edition in the place of notes in the first edition).

The same. - Third edition. "Account of Arnold's Campaign against Quebec and of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes, who Traversed the Wilderness of Maine from Cambridge to the St. Lawrence in the Autumn of 1775" By John Joseph Henry, one of the survivors. Albany. Joel Munsell, 1877. With a Memoir of Judge Henry by his grandson, Aubrey H. Smith. Letters from the Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser, Jan. 3, 1776. Roll of Capt. Matthew Smith's Company. Henry's Journal has also been printed with a portrait of the author in Vol. XV of the Pennsylvania Archives.

MCCOY'S JOURNAL. Henry's Journal states that Sergeant William McCoy, of Captain Hendricks's company, while in confinement in Quebec, gave to Major Munay, of the British garrison, a correct copy of a journal kept by himself through the wilderness. Whether it was carried to England is not known. It was probably never published.

HASKELL'S JOURNAL. May 5, 1775, to May 30, 1776. It includes the early part of the siege of Boston, and notes the hardships and privation endured by the troops in this expedition. It is a diary kept by Caleb Haskell, of Newburyport, Mass., a private in Captain Ward's company. Published in pamphlet form by William H. Huse & Co., Newburyport, 1881. Edited, with notes, by Lothrop Withington. Mr. Withington's notes give the names of some of the men who hailed from Newbury and Newburyport, who were soldiers of the Quebec detachment. The manuscript of this journal is believed to be in the possession of some of Haskell's descendants in Newburyport. The pamphlet edited by Mr. Withington is already rare. The one which he so courteously presented to me, I shall in turn present to the Boston Public Library.

MELVIN'S JOURNAL. This is entitled "A Journal of the Expedition to Quebec, in the year 1775, under the Command of Colonel Benedict Arnold." By James Melvin, a private in Captain Dearborn's company. New York, 1857. With introductory remarks and notes by W. J. D. Large 8vo. Tinted paper. Pp. 30. 100 copies only printed. It commences at Cambridge September 13, 1775, and terminates at Quebec, August 5, 1776. It was edited by William J. Davis, Esq., late private secretary of Hon. George Bancroft. Of the author nothing is known beyond the statement made in the title page.

MEIGS'S JOURNAL. This is entitled "Journal of the Expedition Against Quebec, under Command of Colonel Benedict Arnold, in the year 1775," by Major Return J. Meigs, with introduction and notes by Charles J. Bushnell. New York. Privately printed, 1864. 8vo. Fine tinted paper, with portrait of Colonel Christopher Greene. Pp. 57. It begins September 9, at Roxbury, and closes at Quebec, January 1, 1776. The journal was printed in the Massachusetts Historical Collections, Second Series, Vol. II, 1814.

WARE'S JOURNAL. This is entitled, "A Journal of a March from Cambridge on an Expedition Against Quebec," in Colonel Benedict Arnold's Detachment, September 13, 1775. Kept by Joseph Ware, of Needham, Mass. Published in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. VI, 1852, with notes by Justin Winsor, of Boston. The author was a private in Captain Samuel Ward's company.

SQUIER'S JOURNAL, entitled "The Diary of Ephraim Squier," September 7 to November 25, 1775, is preserved in the Pension Office, Washington, and is printed in the "Magazine of American History" (Vol. II, p. 685). This is the only account that has come to my notice of the adventures of Colonel Enos's men on their retreat.

THAYER'S JOURNAL. "Invasion of Canada in 1775, including the journal of Captain Simeon Thayer, describing the perils and sufferings of the army under Colonel Benedict Arnold, with notes and appendix by E. M. Stone. Providence, 1867, being Vol. VI. of the Rhode Island Historical Society Collections.

TOPHAM'S JOURNAL. This journal has never been printed. The manuscript is now in the possession of the author's grandson, James G. Topham, Esq., of Newport, through whose courtesy I was permitted to make a copy. I shall present that copy to the Boston Public Library.

HETH'S JOURNAL. A "Journal of Lieutenant Wm. Heth," of Morgan's riflemen, is referred to in Marshall's "Washington," pp. 53-57, and also in Graham's "Life of Daniel Morgan," where Morgan in his account of the assault on Quebec, mentions its existence. Wm. Heth's grandson is Richard H. M. Harrison of Richmond, Virginia. He is said to have a crayon portrait of Lieutenant Heth and possibly the manuscript of the journal.

WILDE'S JOURNAL. This has been edited by Justin Winsor. It is the diary of Ebenezar Wilde. The manuscript was given to Harvard College Library in 1850 by W. S. Stoddard.

PORTERFIELD'S JOURNAL. Charles Porterfield, ensign of Morgan's company, wrote a journal, an extract from which, relating to the attack on Quebec, was printed by the "Magazine of American History" in April, 1889. George A. Porterfield, of Charlestown, West Virginia, writes me that he and Richard P. Bell, Esq., of Staunton, Virginia, great-great-grand-nephew of Charles Porterfield, have made a thorough but unsuccessful search for this manuscript.

PIERCE'S JOURNAL. This is noted by Mr. Stone as the journal of John Pierce, one of Church's scouts or surveyors, and in the possession of Charles Congdon, Esq., a member of the Bradford Club of New York. I find that Mr. Congdon's library, after his decease, was sold and a portion of it purchased by Mr. Jos. F. Sabin. Neither Mr. Sabin nor Mr. Henry M. Congdon, son of Mr. Congdon, have any knowledge of the whereabouts of the journal. The Bradford Club long ago ceased to exist.

DR. ISAAC SENTER'S JOURNAL. This is entitled, "The Journal of Isaac Senter, Physician and Surgeon to the troops detached from the American army encamped at Cambridge, Mass., on a Secret Expedition against Quebec, under the command of Colonel Benedict Arnold, in September, 1775." Philadelphia: Published by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1846. To this edition is prefixed a brief notice of the manuscript of the journal and a biographical preface. A few notes of reference are added. "This journal was carried to Philadelphia, where it was lost sight of for many years, and finally came into the hands of Dr. Lewis Roper, of that city, whose perception of its importance induced him to communicate it to the Pennsylvania Historical Society. It commences at Cambridge September 13, 1775, and closes at Quebec, January 6, 1776." Mr. C. A. Munn, of New York, now has the manuscript.

HENDRICKS'S JOURNAL. This is entitled "Journal of the March of a Party of Provincials from Carlyle to Boston," and from thence to Quebec, begun July 13 and ended December 31, 1775; to which is added an "Account of the Attack and Engagement of Quebec, the 31st of December, 1775." Glasgow, 1775, pp. 36. It is the journal of a company of riflemen, under Captain William Hendricks and John Chambers, and was sent from Quebec to Glasgow by a gentleman who appended the account. This journal has been printed in Vol. XV of the Pennsylvania Archives. The name of the author of "The Account" is not given.

STOCKING'S JOURNAL. "An Interesting Journal of Abner Stocking of Chatham, Connecticut." Published by his relatives after his decease. Catskill Eagle Office, 1810. A copy of this journal may be found in the Prince Collection of the Boston Public Library. Stocking was a private in Handchett's company.

MORISON'S JOURNAL. - A very rare copy of this journal is in the library of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. It was written by George Morison, a volunteer in Hendricks's company, and printed at Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1803. An account of the assault on Quebec, taken from this journal, is printed in the "Pennsylvania Magazine," Vol. XIV, 1890, with a brief sketch of Morison's career. This society has kindly permitted me to have a copy made of the journal. This I shall present to the library of Harvard College.

FRANCIS NICHOLAS' PAPERS.-These papers have recently come into possession of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. Portions have been printed in their Historical Magazine.

CHARLES DENNIS RUSCOE D'ERES MEMOIRS. - Published at Exeter, 1800; begins with the fall of Montgomery. A copy in Harvard College Library. This is a small book of little value.

THE JOURNAL OF COLONEL RUDOLPHUS RITZEMA, of the 1st New York regiment, from August 8, 1775, to March 30, 1776, now in the New York Historical Society, and printed in Magazine of American History, February, 1877. This journal becomes of value in this connection only after January 1, 1776.


LETTER OF COLONEL (generally known as Major) HENRY CALDWELL, written on board the Hunter, British armed vessel. Relates particularly to the attack on Quebec.

JOURNAL OF THE MOST REMARKABLE OCCURRENCES IN QUEBEC FROM THE 14TH OF NOVEMBER, 1775, TO THE 7TH OF MAY, 1776. By an officer of the garrison. Printed in the collections of the New York Historical Society for the year 1880. This journal, or one very similar to it in language and contents, appears in "William Smith's History of Canada, 1815."

JOURNAL OF THE SIEGE AND BLOCKADE OF QUEBEC BY THE AMERICAN REBELS, in autumn of 1775 and winter of 1776. Manuscript last noted as in possession of Hon. J. M. Fraser, Esq., who allowed a copy of it to be made for the use of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. Printed by that society in 1875.

AINSLIE'S JOURNAL. This is a journal by one Thomas Ainslie of the most remarkable occurrences in the Province of Quebec, from the appeaxance of the rebels in September, 1775, until their retreat the 6th of May. "Sit mihi fas audita loqui:" Virgil. 1776. The manuscript is in the Harvard University library. I think it has never been printed. See there, Vol. I. Sparks Manuscripts. It is probably the best British journal extant.

UNKNOWN AUTHOR'S JOURNAL. I think probably Captain Owen's. The author was evidently an artillery officer, stationed most of the time on the ramparts. Manuscript also in Sparks Manuscripts.

JOURNAL OF THE SIEGE OF QUEBEC, 1775. From the manuscripts of George Chalmers. Bought in London 1843. Journal of the Siege from December 1, 1775. Earliest entry is December 5; the last May 9, 1776.

JOURNAL OF THE SIEGE OF QUEBEC IN 1775-76. Edited by W. T. P. Short, London, 1824. Mentioned in Winsor's "Critical History of America."

A NARRATIVE. Written by James Thompson, who was during the siege acting engineer. Is quoted at length by J. M. Lemoine in his "Quebec, Past and Present." Mr. Thompson's papers are now in the possession of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec.

FRENCH JOURNALS. John G. Shea, Esq., of New York, brought from Canada two journals in manuscript, written respectively by French notaries; one at Quebec and the other at Three Rivers, "about the Invasions of the Bostonnais. "

Le Mémoire de Badeaux, ou Journal cornmencé aux TroisRiviéres le 18 May, 1775. In 1873 the manuscript of this journal was in the possession of M. Amable Berthelot, of Quebec.

Le Mémoire de Sanguinet, Ou Le Témoin Oculaire.

Des Extracts du Mémoire de M. Berthelot. It is not known whether the manuscript exists.

Le Mémoire de M. Lorimer, intitulé: Mes Services.

These four journals preceding have been copied and printed in M. L'Abbé Verreau's Invasion du Canada, Montreal, 1873.

Le Mémoire de B. DArtigny. Abstracts are quoted in Faucher de St. Maurice's Sketch of Montgomery.