History Links

An American Colonial Experience

Revolutionary War Archives
(A collection of excellent articles from past issues of The Liberty Tree)

(brief inspirational stories from American history - accessed via archive.org)

American Historical Review

The American Revolution Round Table (ARRT)
(District of Columbia)

The American Revolution Round Table (ARRT)
(New York)

Joe Rubinfine - 17th &18th century autographs, muster lists, documents, etc.

Antiques For Sale - Revolutionary War

Army Center of Military History

Army War College - History Section

Avalon Project - Yale Law School
(your one stop for every important 18th century American Document, from the 1745 Albany Plan of Union to GW's Farewell Address of 1796)

A Brief History of the Revolution

African Americans in the Revolution

Badge of Military Merit
(the story of the "Purple Heart")

Banastre Tarleton

Battles of the Revolution
(an incredible job of military analysis by the AROTC unit at Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Battles (Alphabetical List)

Daniel Boone Homestead

Battle of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill - 225th Anniversary Exhibit

Battle of Bennington

Battle of Brandywine

Battle of Camden

Battle of Cowpens
(one of John Robertsons fine pages)

Battle of Cowpens

Cowpens Staff Ride and Battlefield Tour
(staff ride from the Combat Studies Institute) - HTML

Cowpens Staff Ride and Battlefield Tour
(staff ride from the Combat Studies Institute) - PDF

Battles of Cowpens and Kings Mountain

Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Battle of Jersey 1781
(Invasion of the British Isles)

Battle of Kings Mountain Website
(another fine page by John Robertson)

Battle of Monmouth

Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge

Battle of Pensacola

Battle of Petersburg

Battle of Princeton

Battle of Saratoga

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Yorktown

Baylor's Massacre

Ben Franklin - Autobiography

Betsy Ross Home Page

Biographical Dictionary of Pennsylvania Legislators
(don't be confused by the name, this is a great site for anyone interested in the 18th century)

Black Prince-the U.S.Navy's First Ship

Books on the RevWar in New York - Hope Farm

Newport Book Store

Wooden Soldier Books - RevWar

Scholars Bookshelf

Boston Massacre

British-American relations

British Army Organization

Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection at Brown University

Camp Security
(a Revolutionary War era prison camp, 1781-1783)

Campfires of the Revolution
(collection of short stories)

Cannons and Gunpowder

CD-Rom of RevWar History

Christmas Customs of the 18th Century

Clothing of the 18th Century

Coins of Colonial and early America

Colonial Currency

Colonial Diseases

Colonial Occupations

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

Committees of Safety

Company of Military Historians

Congressional Acta 1774 - 1873

The Continental Army
by Robert K Wright, Jr.

Constitution - State Convention Debates

Continental Congress Journals 1774 - 1789

Continental Consulting
(home of the Colonial Chronicle, a most meritorious publication)


(Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674 to 1834)

Currency - Colonial

Currency - Present Value of Old Money

Currency - Comparative Values

David Library - Dissertations

Silas Deane Biography

Declaration of Independence

Declaration Signers - "The Price They Paid"

Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
(In English, some interesting uniforms and weapons)

Diary of Ebenezer Erskine

Drums Along the Mohawk

Dutch Contributions to the War

Early America
(a colonial history e-zine and chat rooms)

Ethan Allen - Biography

Expédition Particulière Commemorative Cantonment Society

Field Book of the Revolution
by Benson J. Lossing


Fifers Journal

Period Firearms

Fire Engines of the Revolution

Fiske - the American Revolution
a two-volume history from 1891

Fort Harrod

Fort Ligonier

Fort Ticonderoga

Fort William Henry

French Naval Leaders

French Regiments

General Nathanael Greene

General Francis Marion - The Swamp Fox (Simms)

General Francis Marion - The Swamp Fox (Dobein)

General Daniel Morgan

General William Phillips, Royal Artillery

General Rochambeau

G. Gedney Godwin
The Sutler of Mount Misery
(you'll think you've found an 18th century Wal-Mart here!)

George Rogers Clark - biography

George Rogers Clark - memoirs

Gomez Mill House
(a fascinating New York State landmark)

John Gray 1764 -1868
(The Last Veteran)

Journal of Sergeant Roger Lamb


Hispanics in the Revolution

Hispanics in the Revolution - Bernardo de Galvez

Bernardo de Galvez site #2

History Net

History Place

Hoaxes of the 18th Century

The Great Spy Hoax

Hudson River Chain


Internet Library of Early Journals
(Oxford University)

Jack Walter's MEGA Military Links

Jamestown Archaeology

Thomas Jefferson Papers
(Library of Congress)

Thomas Jefferson Autobiography

The Jersey Blues

Kings Arms Press
(modern reprints of 18th century works)

Lafayette's Virginia Campaign (1781)

Lesson Plan for Teachers

Louisiana in Colonial Times

Loyalist Institute

James Madison Papers


Talking RevWar Map

Other Talking Historical Maps

RevWar Maps

Maps-Battle and Campaign

Battle Map - Princeton

Battle Map - Yorktown

Maps of the War

Maps of the RevWar at the History Department of West Point

Library of Congress Maps & Charts 1750-1789

Maps - 18th century Scottish Military Maps

Univ. of Texas Historical Maps



Medical Instruments

Medicine in the Army 1775 - 1818

Medicine of the 18th Century

Merchant Mariners of the RevWar

Militia History - General

Militia History - American Colonial


Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson

Mount Vernon - Home of George Washington

National Park Service American Revolution Web Site
(one of the "must-visit" places on the web)

Naval History of the Revolution

Navy Regulations - 1775

Navy History

New Jersey During the Revolution

New York Freedom Trail

Rare Newspapers

Eighteenth-Century American Newspapers in the Library of Congress

North Carolina Regulators

Officers of the Continental Army (Heitman)

Old Barracks Museum

Old Sturbridge Village

Oneida Nation 1777
(lest we forget the Native patriots)

Orderly Books
(Clements Library)

James Otis Biography

Thomas Paine

Past Portal
Archives of the Williamsburg Foundation

Petersburg, VA in the RevWar

Photo (daguerrotype) of a RevWar Veteran

(a journal of the March)

Prints at the Library of Congress

18th Century Prints - Satirical

18th Century Prints - searchable archive

Prisoners of War
(an e-text at Project Gutenberg)

Quiet Valley Historical Farm

Rattlesnakes and the Revolution

Religion and the Revolution

RevWar '75
Continental Army Orderly Books
Crown Forces Orderly Books
Articles from Military Collector and Historian

Rochambeau's Army March 1781

Rutgers University Manuscript Archives

Scottish Military Historical Society

Scots - Weapons and Fighting Methods

The Silver Whistle
(a truly unique site dedicated to 18th century Scotland and Scots)

South Carolina in the Revolution

Southern Theater of the War

Spies and Covert Ops

Spy Letters of the Revolution

Statue of Liberty

Sullivan Expedition
(Orderly Book of Gen. Sullivan's Expedition. 19 June 1779, to 30 July 1779.)

Sullivan Expedition
(Journal of Rev. William Rogers D.D., Chaplain to Gen. Hand's Brigade)

Sullivan Expedition
(Journal of Lt. Erkuries Beatty)

Swamp Fox - Francis Marion
(this is an e-text BOOK - long download)

Tammany Society

Tarleton's Campaigns of 1780 and 1781

Teaching Resource - Lesson Plan

Teaching Resources - High School

Teaching Resources - College

Trivia of the RevWar

Units and their Commanders

Virginia Gazette

Washington - Medical History

Washington Monument

Washington's Papers
(University of Virginia)

Washington's Papers
(Library of Congress)

Weapons - Antiques

Commodore Abraham Whipple

Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown

William and Mary Quarterly

Women in the Revolution

Yankee Doodle

Ye Rev Liste
(a Bulletin board for historians, genealogists, etc.)


Another Yorktown page

18th Century England

And a Final Word from the Queen