18th Century Drinking Songs

When I drain the rosy bowl

Ye good fellows all

Pho! pox of this nonsense, I prythee give over

Some say women are like the seas

The women all tell me, I'm false to my lass

Give me but a friend and a glass, boys

She tells me with claret she cannot agree

With an honest old friend, and a merry old song

Says Plato, why should man be vain

Bid me when forty winters more

Youth's the season made for joys

Preach not to me your musty rules

Had Neptune, when first he took charge of the sea

Let's be jovial, fill our glasses

Every man take a glass in his hand

Come, come my hearts of gold

With women and wine I defy every care

Come now, all ye social powers

What Cato advises most certainly wise is

As swift as time put round the glass

Busy curious thirsty fly

Jolly mortals fill your glasses

Let us drink and be merry

If gold could lengthen life, I swear

Old Chiron thus preach'd to his pupil Achilles

By the gayly circling glass

I am the king and prince of drinkers

Vulcan contrive me such a cup

Let soldiers fight for pay and praise

Rail no more, ye learned asses

Fill me a bowl, a mighty bowl

Bacchus must now his power resign

This bottle's the fun of our table

Now Phoebus sinketh in the west

When the chill Sirocco blows

I cannot eate but lytle meate

A man that is drunk is void of all care

Gay Bacchus, liking Estcourts wine

Dear Tom, this brown jug that now foams with mild ale

My temples with clusters of grapes I'll entwine

Ye true honest Britons who love your own land

Upbraid me not, capricious fair

Diogenes surly and proud

Zeno, Plato, Aristotle

How stands the glass around

Cupid no more shall give me grief

*Here's a health to the Queen

*Here's to the maiden of bashful fifteen

*We be Soldiers Three