18th Century Love songs

When first I saw thee graceful move

I lik'd, but never lov'd, before

Almerias face, her shape, her air

In vain you tell your parting lover

Why Delia ever when I gaze

Take, O take those lips away

Love's a dream of mighty treasure

Fairest isle, all isles excelling

Alexis shunn'd his fellow swains

Hark, hark, 'tis a voice from the tomb!

Ah! Damon, dear shepherd, adieu

Go tell Aminta, gentle swain

To the brook and the willow that heard him complain

Gentle love this hour befriend me

My time, o ye Muses! was happily spent

The sun was sunk beneath the hill

Why cruel creature why so bent

I'll range around the shady bow'rs

Of all the torments, all the cares

The heavy hours are almost past

Though cruel you seem to my pain

To all you ladies now at land

In vain you tell your parting lover

Say Myra why is gentle love

While from my looks fair nymph you guess

The nymph that undoes me is fair and unkind

Saw you the nymph whom I adore

Mistaken fair, lay Sherlock by

When first I fair Celinda knew

Go rose, my Chloes bosom grace

How gentle was my Damons air

Come thou rosy dimpled boy

The pastoral

'Twas when the seas were roaring

Over the mountains and over the waves

Love's a gentle gen'rous passion

Ask me not how calmly I

One night when all the village slept

Come all ye youths whose hearts e'er bled away

Despairing beside a clear stream

Ah! how sweet it is to love

Oft on the troubled oceans face

I smile at Love and all his arts

Fair Iris I love, and hourly I die

Away with these self-loving lads

I love thee, by heavens, I cannot say more

Why d'ye with such disdain refuse

You say, at your feet I have wept in despair

From sweet bewitching tricks of love

It is not that I love you less

Freedom is a real treasure

Ye happy swains whose hearts are free

If 'tis joy to wound a lover

Old Chaucer once to this re-echoing grove

Tom loves Mary passing well

Well met, pretty nymph, says a jolly young swain

A courting I went to my love

My passion is as mustard strong

Ah! why must words my flame reveal?

As Amoret with Phillis sat

From place to place forlorn I go

Dear Colin prevent my warm blushes

Boast not mistaken swain thy art

Ah, false Amyntas: can that hour

Too plain, dear youth, those tell-tale eyes

When Damon languish'd at my feet

Sweet are the charms of her I love

When Delia on the plain appears

Stella, darling of the muses

I told my nymph, I told her true

O had I been by fate decreed

We all to conquering beauty bow

Sweet are the banks when spring perfumes

For me my fair a wreath has wove

Bless'd as the immortal gods is he

My goddess Lydia, heav'nly fair

To be gazing on those charms

Once more I'll tune the vocal shell

The western sky was purpled o'er

The gentle swain with graceful pride

Come, Chloe, and give me sweet kisses

Ye little Loves, that round her wait

In vain, dear Chloe, you suggest

The merchant to secure his treasure

Yes, I'm in love, I feel it now

Hail to the myrtle shade

Come, dear Amanda, quit the town

All in the downs the fleet was moor'd

Stella and Flavia, ev'ry hour

Of all the girls that are so smart

Thou rising sun, whose gladsome ray

No more of my Harriot, of Polly no more

When innocence and beauty meet

Ye fair possess'd of ev'ry charm

Can love be controul'd by advice

Be still, o ye winds, and attentive ye swains

When here, Lucinda, first we came

Away, let nought to love displeasing

How bless'd has my time been, what days have I known

That Jenny's my friend, my delight and my pride

Dear Chloe, while thus beyond measure

O'er moorlands and mountains, rude, barren, and bare

In the merry month of May

Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more

Ah! cruel maid, how hast thou chang'd

In vain, Philander, at my feet

Though winter its desolate train

Come live with me and be my love

Ye virgin pow'ers defend my heart

Think not, my love, when secret grief

O Nancy, wilt thou go with me

My dear mistress has a heart

Send back my long stray'd eyes to me

She, whom above myself I prize

Ye fair married dames, who so often deplore

Ye belles, and ye flirts, and ye pert little things

Say, mighty Love, and teach my song

In love should there meet a fond pair

Thus Kitty beautiful and young

To melancholy thoughts a prey

*If all that I love is her face


*Come sweet lass

*Love is a bauble

*Sally in our Alley

*Barbara Allen

*By dimpled brook

*Down in a leafy dell